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    Check Valve Question

    You want check valves on each line. I'm assuming that by distributor you mean a manifold. If you don't have check valves on each line, you run the risk of ending up with beer moving from one keg to another (shouldn't happen since the dip tubes are short). They make isolation valves with built...
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    Regulator issue: serving pressure at 0 but lots of pressure out of valve and tank pre

    I'll let the other guys hit the other points, but this one jumped out at me. CO2 is a liquid/vapor mix in the tank, and the pressure is directly related to the temperature of the liquid & vapor. In a cold fridge, it's about 600 psig, whereas outside of the fridge (when warmer) it should be...
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    Soda Keg priming

    You'll find as many methods to carbing as you will to brewing. I'm a set and forget guy. I'll set to the pressure I want (for the volumes I want) and leave it alone. If I get bored I'll rock it as described above, but at the pressure I want. Yes, venting means pulling up on the relief...
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    You may cringe

    Taste aside, it's a lot cheaper to buy BMC stuff in half-barrels than it is in 30 packs. A 30 pack is going to run you close to $20 nowadays. When you can pay $60 for a half barrel, you're coming out way ahead. To answer the question about yeasts. The Kolsch yeast should be fermented a bit...
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    Extending Beer Lines with Couplers

    Kegconnection sells stainless couplings. I don't see how this would be any more of a nucleation site than the tubing that goes into your shank. It's basically the same fitting. I did put couplers on my Kegco 309 and extend the lines. 5ft is fine for certain beverages (Apfelwein), but not...
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    Edgestar vs. Nostalgia vs. KegCo

    The collar probably has the same issue mine had. The snapring isn't seated correctly. They sent me a new tower since I couldn't get the shank out.
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    Anyone have Kegco K209B-2?

    I figured I'd post an update on mine as well. I tapped in a keg of Stone IPA on one of my taps last weekend, and I'm having some foaming issues. I upped the length of the beer line to 10 ft, and the issues remain. I have a remote thermometer in there that is reading ~42F at the top when the...
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    Anyone have Kegco K209B-2?

    I thought I answered this on the last page. I have a 309, which I'm pretty sure is the same body as the 209 + a digital stat. I can fit either: 1) 3 ball lock kegs or 2) 2 ball lock and 1 sankey sixth barrel They fit well along with a 5lb CO2 cylinder and a triple body reg. Mine is a...
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    Will these cartridges work for the Genuine Innovations keg-charger?

    I don't think mine is exactly that brand, but it doesn't use the threads on the CO2 canister to attach to the charger. The outer housing basically pushes the canister onto the post. TLDR; you don't need threads on the canisters.
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    Anyone have Kegco K209B-2?

    Have you tried the fix discussed in the last post in that thread? It sounds like differential thermal expansion, which would explain that noise. I've heard no such pops on my 309.
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    Anyone have Kegco K209B-2?

    I had a 309 delivered a couple of weeks ago from Beverage Factory. I did the 2 tap brushed stainless tower since really, I'm not going to use a third. It does fit two cornies and a commercial sixth barrel, but only if you stack them in there right. I can take a picture if you're interested...
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    Taprite vs. Chudnow?

    I'd say my issues are probably due to age. I went back and looked at when I bought this stuff, and it was right at 5 years ago. Mine has been in an air-conditioned basement for that time period. I was complaining about the shipping though ;). I just wanted to update that if you're just...
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    Taprite vs. Chudnow?

    I wanted to respond to this because of the shipping issue. I contacted the guys at kegconnection and we worked out something to make shipping more bearable on this. I guess that's the reason that I keep buying stuff from them.
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    Taprite vs. Chudnow?

    I'm currently seeing creep on 2 of my 3 Chudnow regulators. One is pretty bad, the other is manageable. The one that isn't creeping is the one that's been isolated and unused for several years. Is kegconnection the only place to buy the rebuild kits? $7.75 isn't bad for a kit, but buying two...
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    (2) 4" SS Shanks

    If you're still looking, I have a pair that I just yanked off of my (now dead, RIP) keezer. The shanks are SS, I have tailpieces and gaskets as well. The tailpieces I believe are chrome plated brass as some of the brass is starting to show. The shanks are in perfect condition. I can take...
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    Found this burner

    You don't need to stand on it. I've got the same burner, it works fine.
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    I had a good experience with them. Shipping was quick and I didn't have a customer service issue. I got a 3 body reg and all of the disconnects to hook it up to my kegerator.
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    Kolsch yeast fermenting temp question

    So I'm brewing an American Wheat with Kolsch yeast. I'm brewing two batches on the same yeast package, and I have limited fridge space. Primary fermentation is complete on the first batch. Is it a problem to rack to secondary and keep in the basement (at ~70) for the secondary? My guess...
  19. B this the right kind of Regulator? Super Cheap

    Or you can get one with a second gauge for the same price. :) CO2 Beer Regulator, Double Gauge, 5/16 Check Valve, Chudnow