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  1. sddingman

    Who has made Juice wine? Tell us your story!

    I made black cherry wine from 100% organic black cherry juice, Lalvin K1V-1116 yeast. I start with a syrup that's about 1.095 and let it go to .99. I ferment in all glass. Age for 6 months. It came out fantastic. Of all the fruit wines I have made, I have had some of my pickiest wine friends...
  2. sddingman

    Friut juice wine maths

    Thanks VJ: That's a good analysis and I will keep it in mind. I guess though to rephrase my question, would you suspect I am adding enough juice to get the cherry flavor without it being watered down?
  3. sddingman

    Plum wine not sweet at all. Help.

    Hi Larissa: Welcome and congrats on getting your concord to your liking. Although I am a newbie wine maker too, I might have some suggestions, I have a red plum wine aging right now. The yeast I used really munched up the sugar fast, but seemed to behave once the yeast died. It's on the dry...
  4. sddingman

    Extreme stankiness in raspberry wine

    I know sometimes smell from the gross lees I get from some of my fruit wines smell a bit like my feet if I have been wearing loafers all day without socks. My plum wine did this, and I was nervous till I racked them off. The smell and taste was awesome. That first racking also aerates the wine...
  5. sddingman

    Friut juice wine maths

    OK fellow vinonauts..... Input please: I am considering making a black cherry wine from 100% organic juice. I have a 32 oz container of juice, 33g/sugar per serving so probably don't need starter. Making a 1 gallon batch total was thinking about 2.5 lbs sugar, my favorite cuvee yeast and water...
  6. sddingman

    Really? Fruit Wines?

    cottonwoodks Sorry I am late to the discussion. I am a wine-making newbie but I am having a great time making fruit wines. I am doing 1 gallon batches. So far I have done rhubarb, peach, red plum, blueberry-rhubarb and now I have a pumpkin spice in the fermenter. So far so good, I thought I had...
  7. sddingman

    Hi Everyone

    Glad I found this forum! I am a chemist by training, and a wine drinker by choice. Haven't been in the lab for a while and the homemade bug got me. A few years ago started making my own Lemoncello after a trip to Italy, and on batch 4. I think I make a great digestif, but I am biased. Just...
  8. sddingman

    Rhubarb wine!

    OK...Further diagnostic information and status today: Additional yeast did NOT start a sustained fermentation... and I think I know why. So I have been finding that a 3 lb sugar/1gal water gravity should be in the neighborhood of 1.135! My SG reading today (being super careful) was 1.020 That...
  9. sddingman

    Rhubarb wine!

    Cheers Kent, thank you that will be my method of last resort!
  10. sddingman

    Rhubarb wine!

    Thank you everyone for the support. So I did not start with an initial gravity reading of the must. My hydrometer is calibrated to read %alcohol and sp. gr., I never used to take initial readings of ale wort and my hydrometer never failed in those projects, and my ales were wonderful. I did by...
  11. sddingman

    Rhubarb wine!

    Hi all, long time wine consumer, first time wine maker. I was always curious about homemade rhubarb wine and I found a great book on 1 gal wine batches. I am trained as a chemist, and did some home beer brewing a while back, so I thought, this is easy. Followed the recipe (3.5 qts chopped...