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  1. Gustatorian

    Any clue how to get this stuff off my BK?

    Not sure if it's beer stone, but a non-scratch scrub brush and barkeeper's friend isn't doing the trick. Maybe soak it in PBW for 24 hours?
  2. Gustatorian

    Why Does It Take Longer to Reach Target OG in Bigger Beers?

    I recently brewed a big barleywine (1.110) and it took an extra hour of boiling to reach target OG. My boil-off rate is honed in for average OG beers on Beersmith, but not for bigger beers. Can anyone explain the science behind it?
  3. Gustatorian

    Water Profile/Mineral Additions for Barleywine

    Brewing a big barleywine this week (1.110) (100ish IBUs). Anybody have any recs on mineral additions for a beer like this? I'm working with a blank slate (RO water).
  4. Gustatorian

    Difference Between German Northern Brewer Hops and US Northern Brewer Hops

    LHBS recently sold me some YCH German Northern Brewer hops. Right off the bat I noticed the alpha acid content was much lower than the US Northern Brewer I've used. Outside of that, are there any drastic differences? Would it be OK to use these hops in a California Common?
  5. Gustatorian

    Can The Carbohydrates In The Hemicelluose Of The Aluerone Layer Contribute To Gravity

    This may be splitting hairs: I recently read in Noonan's "New Brewing Lager Beer" that the hemicellulose of the aleurone layer of barley kernels can be dissolved/reduced to simple sugars in a thorough mash cycle, specifically between temps of 160-176ºF. I usually don't mash-out, so my wort never...
  6. Gustatorian

    Mineral Additions/Water Profile For Dark Mild

    Brewing a dark mild in a couple days and have no clue as what my water profile should look like. Should I shoot for a pH closer to 5.2 or 5.6? Ca, Chloride, Sulfate levels?
  7. Gustatorian

    At What pH is StarSan ineffective?

    I have a bucket of StarSan that is about a week old. Checking the pH, it reads about 3.5. A fresh bucket of StarSan, per my experience, usually has a pH that is 1.8-2.0. At what point would you throw out the StarSan?
  8. Gustatorian

    Starsan making water taste sour

    Started using starsan to sanitize my kegs and I noticed an acidic taste to the starsan/water mixture when cleaning the kegs (kegs had previously been cleaned with PBW and throuroughly rinsed. I thought starsan was tasteless/odorless? What's the deal?
  9. Gustatorian

    Back-sweetening beers with different sugars

    I've used brown sugar, molasses, treacle while brewing with variable success. Usually I'll add them during the boil or very early in fermentation, but I've never back-sweetened (post cold-crash) a beer with them. Anyone have any luck with this?
  10. Gustatorian

    Critique my Coffee American Stout/Porter Recipe

    Targets = OG - 1.075 FG - 1.016-1.018 IBU - 55 Mash at 154ºF Malt = MO (71%) Munich (15%) C-40 (2%) Special B (2%) Carafa III (1.5%) Chocolate Wheat (8.5%) Hops = Hopshot to 55 IBUs I don’t think this is a terribly complicated malt bill. I originally included brown malt, but decided to...
  11. Gustatorian

    Keeping a keg cold during a party

    I'm pouring a few of my beers for an outside party this weekend and was hoping to get some kind of vessel/tub to keep the beers cold. I'm trying to steer away from a trash can because the event is a little "classy". Anyways, any suggestions welcome!
  12. Gustatorian

    When Do You Need A De-Humidifier For Your Keezer

    I have a hygrometer that shows within my Keezer is approximately 60% humidity. Is there a specific percentage or sign to know when you need to purchase a de-humidifier for your keezer?
  13. Gustatorian

    How Are You Attaching Your Temperature Monitor/Regulator In Your Keezer?

    I have a chest freezer converted into a keezer (using a wooden collar) and using a Johnson controller to maintain temps. Where do you guys attach the probe within the keezer/kegerator? I've noticed that if I hang the control lower within the unit, and set the control to 50ºF, it will maintain...
  14. Gustatorian

    When To Apply Keg Lube to O-Ring

    I usually apply keg lube to the large o-ring and then sanitize the entire lid to the keg (dunk it in sanitizer). I'm not totally sure that this is the best method though. Will dunking it cause the lube to come off of the o-ring? I assume putting lube on the o-ring after sanitization increases...
  15. Gustatorian

    Caps for Kegerator Shanks

    Not sure if this even exists, but I'm looking for some stainless steel caps to put on my kegerator shanks when I have to remove the faucets/taps for an extended period of time. To give you an idea, I have chest freezer converted to kegerator via a wooden collar placed under the freezer lid...
  16. Gustatorian

    What is in my line?

    When I change kegs, I always switch to new vinyl in my lines. But I've always wondered what's precipitating out of the beer/growing in my lines after a keg has been on for a few months (see photo below). If a beer sits in a line for too long, I assume something will grow. But is a draft line...
  17. Gustatorian

    Super smokey/phenolic aroma in 3711 Starter

    I made a 3711 starter (1.040 gravity, 1L) that sat on a stir plate for 24 hours around 72ºF. I decanted the spent wort (made from DME) and it's SUPER smokey. More phenolics than I have ever gotten from 3711. Should I pitch the yeast into my fermentor? I'm worried it's going to give me a phenolic...
  18. Gustatorian

    Hopshot Question

    The general idea behind the hopshot is 1ml = 10IBUs added to a low/mid-gravity beer at 60 minutes. Per their instructions, this is for 5 Gallons of beer. 1.) Is this 5 gallons of packaged beer, or into-fermentor volume, or pre-boil volume? It's never specified on the sheet provided. 2.)...
  19. Gustatorian

    Sourcing Clone Recipes

    Is there somewhere (on this site or elsewhere) that gives clone recipes for beers that are predominantly trusted as accurate/close to accurate? For example, when you search for a clone beer through this site, you get multiple threads with several anecdotal attempts to recreate it. It's...
  20. Gustatorian

    Malt Mill Recommendations

    Looking for one that has the option to connect to a hand drill, has easy to understand adjustments with the ability to check the accuracy of those adjustments and it good with conditioned malt. TIA!