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    Northern Virginia Brewing

    I'm going to be moving to Northern Virgina in the next couple of weeks (near Centreville), and was wondering what the homebrew world looked like out there? IE homebrew clubs, and what are the local homebrew stores in the area? Big change for me and the family, coming from Kansas where sprawl...
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    Gluten Free Specialty Yeasts

    I am wanting to attempt to make some Gluten free beer for my wife, who is having issues with Gluten. She loves Belgian beers, however I can't seem to find any belgian yeast strains that are Gluten free. Is there a way to get a yeast strain like this, or make starters, wash, and reuse until it...
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    Gruit and IBU

    I've got a question my searching hasn't been able to point me to. This weekend me and some friends are going to try and do a split batch, 8 gallons, half hopped and the other half a gruit. All grain, and going to split the batch Going to use pretty close to Orffy's Mild Mannered Ale in the...
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    Pin lock with a loose pin

    I tried searching but couldn't find anything on it. I have Pin-lock kegs, and on one of them the CO2 post has one of the pins that is slightly loose, as in it wobbles slightly. I wouldn't think it as much of a problem, but the connector doesn't get a good enough seat, so there is a slight leak...
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    Mixed bottling from a keg and naturally carbing

    I've got a Stout that was a 6 gallon batch. It's been Primary 1 month, and secondary for a month, figure another 2 months before I think about drinking it. My plan right now was to take 2 gallons off of the batch and move it to a keg. Add priming sugar to the keg, and bottle from there, with...
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    Complete Screw up Beer

    Well I made my first foray into all-grain this last week. Had quite a few things go wrong in the process. I was aiming to make the Chocolate Mint stout that is in the recipe database, but I completely hosed up my numbers for how much water to add. There is just shy of 12 lbs of grain in the...