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    Recovering from a Chlorine mistake - help please

    I pulled a bonehead move 2+ weeks ago. I brewed 15 gallons of kettle soured berliner with untreated tap water. Now there is a chlorine flavor that I'm trying to mask. Factors that lead to this screw up: Chlorine will typically boil off, but because it was a berliner, I didn't reach a full...

    JSBULL's Keezer Build

    Well, this was my first metalworking and first woodworking project. I'm surprised the wife approved it, but it turned out well. Here's how it all went down. First, the finished product: So, I started by making a rolling base. I later had to find a way to cut it off because the swivel wheels...

    Fermentation or Pressure Change?

    I have a new Spike 15 gallon conical with a glycol chiller attached. It resides in my Arkansas garage, which is about 85-90 degrees at the moment. Therefore, there is a cycle occuring where the temp goes from 74 to 76 to 74 to 76 etc. I've done two SG tests on my recent brew (berliner) a...