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  1. Poindexter

    Poindexters Graff #4

    This one is 14 months old and the recipe is a keeper. My first two Graffs were just not ready for prime time. My third one a good friend dearly loves, to me it is thin and one dimensional; I switched to Saaz hops for that one, with pilsner malt. Four number four I stuck with Saaz but...
  2. Poindexter

    Any thoughts on a North American Export Stout?

    Certainly one of mythree favorite styles, all time, is the export stouts made in the former British colonies. Lion from Sri Lanka with its nutty notes, Sheaf from Australia has a strong plum/ raisin note, I could go on and on. So I am thinking about doing a series of regional North...
  3. Poindexter

    Need some pointers on a very pale ale

    This was my first seat of the pants brew (#4 in the log) a couple years ago. I was (and am) shooting for something home-made for the BMC light crowd that isn't swill. My mom likedit, I am mostly thinking about upping the hops a tiny little bit. Grains: 2# pilsner 2# light Munich 2#...
  4. Poindexter

    oops. Commited on grains, have to juggle hops

    I am after Mosher's Black Ship Pirate Stout, (Radicla Brewing, page 200). Grain bill is 6# pale, 4# munich, 1.5# black patent; 1.5# dark molasses at start of 90 minute boil. Hops is 5 HBU Willamette(90), 6.25 HBU Willamette (60) and 11 HBU Styrian Goldings(30). Post boil spices are 1...
  5. Poindexter

    Timing, end of boil to pitch...

    How fast do i have to go? today I knocked out a mid weight brit ale since I got off work early. Second voyage of my new wort chiller. At the end of boil I dumped a quart of refrigerated RO water into the kettle to stop the boil and lock down my hops. Then I whisked in my ME, covered and...
  6. Poindexter

    LeMerle - Saison style, North Coast

    This is my first venture into the Saison style. I put it off for a long time because I didn't really have a handle on the style and wasn't sure I would like it, and there are somany other styles I do like. Yesterday I really wanted something different. I wanted hoppy, but not an IPA. I...
  7. Poindexter

    Amarillo Bomber IPA

    I count 8 ounces of Amarillo total. 2.0# Marris Otter 0.5# Melanoiden 0.25# CaraPils 0.25# Crystal 40 Dough in at 97°F for (60) acid rest, in 2.5gal RO water + 1/4 teaspoon gypsum. Heat to 126°F for (30) protein rest. Heat to 153°F for (60) sacc rest, stir in ~6HBUs of FWH. I...
  8. Poindexter

    How about using spent grains to generate methane to run the kettle?

    I toured the Maker's Mark bourbon distillery in Kentucky a couple weeks ago. Their mash tuns hold 11,000 gallons each, so they got the economy of scale thing going. My tour guide (Susan) mentioned they stick all the spent grains in a "bio-reactor" where "anerobic bacteria" break down the...
  9. Poindexter

    Low temp Pasteurization?

    Once upon a time I read somewhere that heting honey to over 180°F drives off the delicate flavors, so I have stuck in my craw that I could hold a honey and water mixture at 140°F for i think 40 minutes to kill off the nasties before I pitch my yeast. But I am striking out on finding it...
  10. Poindexter

    WTB 4 ball lock cornies on my road trip

    Leaving Chapel Hill, NC about 05-22-09 for Fairbanks, AK. Shipping for four cornies to Fbx, AK is $150, so I am looking. I can work with pin locks (Coke), but prefer to keep bringing in ball locks (Pepsi) Route is I40W to either of Knoxville or Nashville, North to Indy. Than 74W(ish) to...
  11. Poindexter

    How much sugar for 6 or 10 ounce bottles?

    I searched, and I am a moron. What happened is I brewed a Belgian Tripel with my dad on 03-06-09 while he was visiting Alaska from Florida. I sampled it tonight for the first time. It is good enough, flat and green, that I want to bottle it in those little tiny Coca-Cola bottles, deal with...
  12. Poindexter

    Multiple fruits or all one subspieces?

    Would you do a pomme with all Granny Smith or would you mix it up with some delicious and some Fujis too? I saw this questiuon in a couple other threads with no takers. On the cooking side the hot red wine for pan reduced sauces is called "Cote De Rhone", made from a little bit of each...
  13. Poindexter

    Poindexter's "B" Pilsnerwine

    I have lost track of who all has one, I am pretty sure wastegate and at least one of my RIS recipients... The brown bottle with letter B on the lid is my hip shot Pilsner wine, 40% of the grain was rice solids, all pilsner malt to the limit of my system, extra light DME out to an OG 1.095. I...
  14. Poindexter

    So what did you find under the tree?

    I happen to know Santa is bringing me an (almost) all Stainless-Steel nano-brewery. Christmas afternoon I get to brew a five gallon batch that is going to touch plastic twice after the crushed grains leave the Ziplocs bags in the freezer. Once in the plastic hose between the SS fermenter...
  15. Poindexter

    Heads up, external hard drive/ Fry's

    I needed about 120GB. Went to Fry's (Plano, TX), unadvertised in store special, 500GB for $109. They were asking $129 for the 120GB. Maxtor. USB2.0/ firewire. I love it.
  16. Poindexter

    RIS swap ~ Poindexter's brews

    I sent out an early version of the PM recipe: , 3 twelve ounce bottles each, and 1 12 ounce bottle of Sisyphus barleywine, retail distribution Texas only: What I like about the...
  17. Poindexter

    Home malting, wiki bound

    Please to chip in with "other stuff" that should be in the wiki. So far for references: Bodensatz: BT: BYO: India...
  18. Poindexter

    So I had 3 wisdom teeth out today

    My instuctions say no carbonated beverages for 24 hours. So no homebrew today. I had my first ever vicodin today, and I am into my mead since it isn't carbnonated. Pleas to cut me some slack if I pissed you off today. Except for EdWort in n00b section. I am highly complimented by your...
  19. Poindexter

    21 days at 70°F, time lapse vid

    This is why biermuncher is right. The recipe is very basic session, 1/2# Briess Crystal 40 mashed with 1/4 # malted wheat @150°F for 30 mintues, 4 ounces of EKG, 2 @(60), 1 @(30) and 1 @(0), 1/4 tsp Gypsum and 7# LME at flameout. Notti Yellow.
  20. Poindexter

    A traditional Brit IPA would be what?

    No offense intended. Here is the wiki page on the Brit colony (Raj) of India: Here is the wikipage on IPA: Going from "1784 advertisements" I feel like the malt bill for a "real original " IPA...