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    Yeast propagation

    In general, understanding. Specifically, I set out to find a formula that would tell me how much wort I would need to grow X cells from a vial, *in one step*. All the calculators insist you need to go in steps. Steps are bad because each time you open the vessel, you risk letting in...
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    Yeast propagation

    Sorry for the blatant double post, but I dropped this under "science" (seems somewhat reasonable, right?) and then realized this forum was more suitable... I am trying to gain a practical understanding of yeast propagation, as it relates to starters. I keep seeing something that I just...
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    Yeast propagation

    I am trying to gain a practical understanding of yeast propagation, as it relates to starters. I keep seeing something that I just can't make any sense of. White Labs says that a single stage starter will create a 4-5 times increase in cell count, and Wyeast says it's more like 6 times...
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    Hops Direct

    Looks like they're pretty well cleaned out for 2011 until Fall :(
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    what do you carry your LME home in?

    One of my LHBSs sells little one gallon white plastic buckets with lids. They work perfect. You can get about 12 lbs of LME into one, they're easy to clean out, and they're dish washer safe.
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    Arm into the bottling bucket

    This thread makes me cringe :drunk:
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    Purchasing a 27 gallon fermentor - Need advice

    Pssst... That's the same fermenter...
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    Replacement Hop Schedule

    Based on my experience, hop flavor and aroma will both be a bit dull, but then I've turned into quite the hop head. I've got a local commercial IIPA on tap right now. The brewer claims it's nothing but Columbus, and it is an epic beer IMO.
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    Exctract v All Grain ? and ? on that "hombrewy" flavor

    Last night I drank some of my first batch that used all DME rather than all LME. The "homebrewy" taste is gone. Looks like I may be done with LME. Unfortunately, DME is a lot more expensive. I'm now on the hunt for a small upright freezer to turn into a fermentation closet. After that...
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    Anyone gone on to sell their beer?

    Jim Koch did it, but upon a little light research, it turns out he wasn't exactly the first person in his family to brew lots of beer.
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    What to do with leftover beer?

    Stick it in a bottle in the fridge. When the keg has room, toss it in. Or, get one of those carbonator caps and force carb it right im the bottle, and then drink it. (Edit: Roger beat me to it.) "Leftover beer"... that's not a valid concept! :p
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    quick hop question

    I froze some in zip-lock bags a couple months ago, and now they're staring to smell like the freezer. LHBS told me I should vacuum seal them. I agree.
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    First brew : Choice of stock pot and other questions

    My thoughts after throwing together a Cooper's IPA kit for my first batch are that if you adjusted the extra malt and total volume, and added flavor and aroma hops near end of boil, you should get a darn drinkable beer, and you could do it with maybe a 2 gallon boil. You could certainly also...
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    First brew : Choice of stock pot and other questions

    If you mean the pre-hopped Cooper's can, I don't think boil volume matters much. Hop bitterness has already been set in stone. My first batch was a Cooper's IPA, and aside from me adding too much water, it came out OK; weak, but otherwise balanced. I think I boiled 1.5 gallons or so. All that...
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    Dry Hopping Question

    Oooh yeah, I guess. We use a bur grinder now, so I was thinking from that angle, and how it would be harder to sanitize. So uh, nevermind :D
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    Dry Hopping Question

    Hmmmm... Ideas hatching... Anybody ever put hops in a blender?
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    Brewing beer with no airlock

    Could drill a hole in it, and get a grommet from your LHBS...
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    American Light Lager, BUT with am ale yeast?

    It will make it an ale :D
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    how much water to boil?

    None of the extract should boil off. Or at least, not enough to pique the interest of anybody but a really uptight chemist. Then again, maybe we can get another boil argument going :D