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    Dortmunder - Lagering and bottling

    I have my lagering schedule. I'm using this recipe: from poobah58. He lagered at 52 for 4 weeks, conditioned at RT for 2 days, then second lager at 40 deg for 40-60 days. He did the second lager in the keg. I will be bottling...
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    Boiling question

    Hello, I now have 2 AG batches under my belt (both Edwort's Haus Pale Ale). My question regarding boiling is this: why does it matter what you end with? Why not just top off with water? I did the haus pale ale recipe for a 5 gallon batch (it's listed for 5.5 gal). I only have a 5 gallon pot...
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    Cracking grains - first all grain

    I'm posting this in the beginner forum because this will be my first all grain. I'm making Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale (link) and I'm going to do the BIAB method. I don't have a grain mill, and I bought the grains whole. The LHBS is not close to where I'll be brewing. I have an old hand...