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  1. J

    Some questions about my porter?

    Brewed a chocolate hazelnut porter. My OG was 1.061 it's been 21 days in primary. Took a gravity reading and it's at 1.022 my expected final gravity according to beer smith is supposed to be 1.017. I'm a little worried it won't finish that low. I plan to leave it for another week and see if it...
  2. J

    My fermentation wont wind down??

    ok heres the deal. Brewed an ipa 14 days ago pitched wyeast 1056. Fermentation took off in 6 hours. I ferment in a better bottle with a blow off tube. Had great active churning for 3 days after. After day 3 i get 1 bubble blowing out every 3 seconds and its been this way ever since. Usually...
  3. J

    Control panel wiring questions

    So I've been lurking on the electric brewing section for a few days now, and I'm seriously considering going electric. For now I want my control panel to have a switch for a pump, and a DPDT 240v 30 amp switch. I want 2 PID's, one to monitor mash temp and one for my element in my HLT. which...
  4. J

    Help with a macadamia nut chocolate stout?

    My wife and I tried macadamia nut chocolate stout called gallows point. It's made by Skullcoast brewery in S.C. We thought it was fantastic and I would like to brew something similar. The macadamia and chocolate flavor and aroma really come through in this beer. If I brew a 6 gallon batch (A.G.)...
  5. J

    Beersmith question

    So I downloaded the free trial version. I love it I was up till 1 a.m. tinkering with it. I still am trying to figure out how to setup my system and mash setup. Eventually ill figure it out I think...But the one problem I have is dumb and trivial but is there any way to get a space between the...
  6. J

    Gluten free recipe help?

    First, I'm a new brewer. About 10 batches so far,8 of them AG. My aunt is gluten intolerant and gets bummed when she can't enjoy my homebrews with my family and I. She's tried gluten free beers made with sorghum and she thinks they are alright. Truthfully she misses simple beers simple beers...
  7. J

    Refractometer and recipe questions

    So my darling wife bought me a refractometer for Xmas. On Sunday Dec.26 I brewed a Belgian strong ale with my mom who was visiting for the holidays(she was excited to see the process of my new hobby). I didn't know how to use the refractometer so I just took a gravity reading with my hydrometer...
  8. J

    Will kegged beer taste bad if its cold,warm,then cold again?

    If I have a kegerator with a keg of yuengling, a keg from a local microbrew,and a keg of homebrew. They are chilled to serving temps and I drink half of each. My kegerator breaks and they sit at room temp. for a week (70-75 degrees). Then the kegerator is fixed and the beer is brought back to...
  9. J

    what should I do with this awful smelling beer??

    This was a blue moon clone that failed. My first crappy beer I've made out of six batches. Let me list the things that could have gone wrong. I had Wlp001 shipped to me and it was warm when I got it(maybe 2 days in the mail). The starter sucked,after 3 days not very many bubbles and the yeast...
  10. J

    Should I worry about slow fermentation?

    Hi, Im new to home brewing and finally decided to make a post here.I did one extract and went to all grain and have done about 6 batches so far. My latest batch is a belgian wit for my wife. I had an o.g. of 1.056 and made a starter of WLP001.My starter didnt exactly take of compared to...