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  1. TriangleIL

    Lager in Primary or in Secondary?

    I just finished my primary fermentation of a munich helles, and the beer is now sitting in my living room for a 3 day diacetyl rest. (Sample tastes pretty good so far) I pulled the beer a little later than I wanted, I was waiting for the krausen to fall and it fell a little late in the...
  2. TriangleIL

    Control Panel Mounts

    I was hoping this thread could be informational on how people are mounting their control panels to their rigs. Pictures would be most helpful! I was planning to use a VESA TV mount, but I'm not sure if that is the way I want to go, or if I want to try to fabricate something. Has anyone...
  3. TriangleIL

    Madelines Belgian Fruit Cake Holiday Stout

    Hey all, I'm not sure if this is the right section for this or not. I'm looking for critique/feedback on this recipe. I made something similiar last year, and it took almost a year to taste good. It was pretty undrinkable after 3 months, but after 9 it started to be decent and now after 14...
  4. TriangleIL

    Wire Size for Valves

    I have some valves (ebay values) which show a rating of 24VAC, 22VAmps, 22Watts. What size wire would be appropriate for these valves? I assume I want to go slightly larger than expected in case they have trouble opening/closing and start pulling mass current? Should each valve be fused...
  5. TriangleIL

    FS - Panel enclosures

    I have a couple of enclosures I was planning to use for my own build. Pictures can be found here. This should give a relative idea of size. I believe the panels are 12 x 12 x 6. I can take exact measurements if there is any interest. The panels are hinged at the top, and the entire face and...
  6. TriangleIL

    Contactor Wiring Help

    I purchased some contactors awhile back, and have no idea how to wire them up. Can anyone provide some assistance? These will be used to switch on/off my pumps. Thanks! They were purchased from AutomationDirect, but it looks like they don't carry the CN-6 anymore. FactoryMation link
  7. TriangleIL

    PID and I2C Temperature Sensor?

    I'm looking for a temperature sensor that will be able to be used simulatenously through my I2C bus as well as on my Auber PID . Does anyone know if a PT100, RTD or DS1820/DS18S20 sensor will work for both applications? Everything I look at seems to only work for one or the other. Thanks!
  8. TriangleIL

    Solenoid Valve (Wiring and Protection)

    Hey all, I need some help/advice. I have some solenoid valves that require 24VAC, requiring 22 Watts. These Anyways, I have a 24VAC, 200VA transformer I plan to use to power these. My plan was to run the wires from the transformer, into a terminal strip, and then through each of the...
  9. TriangleIL

    Fox River IPA

    Recipe Type: Partial Mash Yeast: WLP001 Yeast Starter: 1.5L Batch Size (Gallons): 5 Original Gravity: 1.062 Final Gravity: 1.014 IBU: 55.7 Boiling Time (Minutes): 60 Color: 14.1 Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 7 @68F Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 14 @55F Tasting...
  10. TriangleIL

    Solenoid Valve Control - Help!?

    I think I have control of the solenoid valves (open/close) down, however there is a third line to control the "flow". This signal requires between 2v - 10v, and for the life of me, I'm not sure how to regulate this voltage. I was thinking a PWM would work here, but from what I can tell, those...
  11. TriangleIL

    Variable Position Ball Valves?

    Would like input from those who have used variable position (floating?) ball valves in their builds. What valves would you recommend? Where have you found the valves? Were they difficult to calibrate? I would like to be able to control the flow for various valves in my build via electrical...
  12. TriangleIL

    False Bottoms, Diptubes, Bazookas Oh My!

    I'd love some feedback on the lower half of a keggle setup. I.e. how do you setup your false bottoms, dip tubes, mesh tubes, bazookas, hop blockers on your various keggles? I'm specifically looking for advice on the MLT and the BK. Personally I will be doubling my HLT as a BK from time to...
  13. TriangleIL

    My Single Tier DITCHES Build

    All, I need some advice as I begin my adventure into the AG brewing. I've decided to dive head first into brewing, and I will be building a single tier AG automated setup based on others I've seen on HBT. Special thanks to everyone who has shared their knowledge up to this point in helping...