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    Rising Sun Farms Organic Rhizome Pre Dig sale

    Once again its time to think about planting !!! Pre dig sale Buy 4 get 1 free Buy 10 get 3 free We will be shipping the middle of April commercial quantities are available also e mail [email protected] Cheers Glen
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    Rising Sun Farms still has Rhizomes

    If anyone is interested USDA Certified Organic Cascade,Chinook and Centennial Rhizomes are still available. Buy 4 get one free,Buy 10 get 3 Free Cheers Happy Hoppin !!!
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    Rhizomes are shipping !!! Get your orders in !! buy 4 get one free buy 10 get 4 free We started shipping today !!!! Cheers Glen
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    What you get Rhizomes

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    We have rhizomes and a video of one of the beers the Hops go into

    Buy 4 get one free Buy 10 get 3 free Our rhizomes USDA Certified Organic outperform any plants on the Planet
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    2014 USDA Certified Organic Rhizome Pre Dig Sale

    Well another year is upon us !!! USDA Certified Organic Rhizomes Pre dig sale Buy 4 get 1 free,buy 10 get 3 free Shipping usually starts Mid March when weather permits us to dig Cheers and Happy Hoppin
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    Hop ripeness

    Did this video a few years ago
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    We still have Rhizomes !! Buy 4 get 1 free,buy 10 get 3 free

    Cheers everyone. We still have rhizomes !! Cascade,Chinook,Nugget,Willamette and Magnum. Happy Hoppin !!!!!!!!!!!
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    A really good fresh hopped beer with local Hops

    If you are thinking of commercial growing this is the kind of relationship you need to develop Finally got a case of Warrior IPA from Left Hand Brewing . Joe Schiraldi, Head of Brewing Operations sent up a case. Picked it up this evening. WOW...
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    Who Needs Rhizomes ????? Buy 4 get 1 free but 10 get 3 free

    Well we start the sale every year on Jan 14 .We are a little late this year on the sale still in Europe packing up Hop Picking Equipment. Digging and shipping will start as soon as the weather permits Pre Dig sale Rising Sun Farms Cascades,Chinooks $4.00 Nuggets,Willamette and Magnum...
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    Last Chance Hop and Brew School 2012

    This is going to be fun A few spots left Cheers Glen:mug:
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    Hop and Brew 2012 w Charlie Papazian

    Get ready for a fun and Informative weekend Cheers Glen
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    Hop and Brew School 2012

    Get ready for a fun and informative weekend Cheers Glen
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    Hop and Brew School 2012

    Hop and Brew School will be July 14-15 2012 at Rising Sun Farms in Paonia Co. Charlie Papazian will be just one of the speakers . Sign up will be open shortly $100.00 for the weekend . Informative seminars,hands on brewing,Hop yard...
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    Rhizomes are shipping Get your orders in

    We Started shipping pre orders about a week ago Get your orders in as we have limited supplies Certified Organic Cascade , Chinook, Nugget ,Willamette and Magnum. Buy 4 get one free ,buy 10 get 3 free
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    Rhizome planting instructions

    Rhizome Planting Instructions 1) Dig a hole about the size of a gallon milk container 2) Mix up some potting soil with composted manure add a tablespoon of an Organic Fertilizer (Miracle Grow makes one now) and a ½ teaspoon of borax for Boron. 3) Lightly pack 2 to 3 inches of the mix in...
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    Rhizome Pre Sale

    We are starting pre sales of Organic Certified Rhizomes delivery will start mid March earlier weather permitting. Deal for HBT and Grow Hops members buy 4 get 1 free buy 10 get 3 free.Cascades,Chinooks,Nuggets,Willamette and Magnum Colorado Organic Hops » Buy Rhizomes Cheers Glen
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    Rising Sun Farms ,AC Goldens Colorado Native GABF award

    Great news!!!! Colorado Native made with Hops from my farm, won a silver medal at the GABF in the American Style Amber Lager Category. Colorado Native is made by AC Golden Brewing Co./Coors on their 30 barrel pilot system.
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    Hop Processing at Rising Sun Farms Paonia Co

    Hope you enjoy this Cheers Glen