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    Raising temperatures to finish off beers. Does it do anything?

    So I just got a fermentation chamber (temp controlled with hot and cool)..... My beers have jumped in quality and predictability, and don't think I could ever go back. I had a IPA go grain to glass in 12 days that was perfect. One thing I have been doing is keeping the fermentation...
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    step additions of wort to yeast instead of yeast starter

    I will prob end up doing a starter or small batch anyways, so dont rip into me too hard if this is stupid. I plan on making a 5gal batch of a 5% lager in the next 7 to 10 days. Usually for this I would make a starter, but im a bit busy right now and I always feel a 5 or 6l starter is just a...
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    Blonde Ale Centennial Blonde Variant (for those who want a bit more hop)

    I really liked the idea of brewing something a bit tamer for "sessions" on weekends, and came across the Centennial blonde recipe. Originally I planned on simply brewing the recipe... but decided to change it up a bit to suit the ingredients I had on hand as well as my personal taste. 3gal...
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    How long do I need to ferment Wy2124 at ale temps

    Hello, I am a massive Toronto Maple Leafs Fan, and I had this idea the other night to brew a blue beer for their opening game to enjoy with friends. Realistically the only way to get a blue beer would be to brew a very light cream ale (yellow+blue= green=bad). I want to try to brew this beer...
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    BoPils came out "meh"

    So I brewed Jamils Bopils (with slightly more hops and domestic malt) and the final product isn't really what I was picturing. This was my first lager. I used 90% RO water to 10% Calgary (very hard) water, and did a double decoction with a full 90min boil. The beer fermented with Budvar yeast...
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    What to make of the Belma Hop

    Hello all, Like many others I was enticed by the incredible low price of the hop "belma" from hops direct. Unfortunately there isn't much info on it. There are a few forums where people discuss that they are going to use it, but nobody gets back to the forum with their finished product... so...
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    Could my guaranteed infected beer not be infected...?

    Hello, Brew day this weekend was for a wheat lager. Upon putting the fermentor into the keezer, the carboy broke and the contents began to spill out into the very unclean keezer. Deciding I had nothing to lose, my brewing friend and I decided to siphon the beer out of the keezer and into a...
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    Make my own pseudo LME for starters?

    I was wondering if there is anything wrong with the idea of making my own pseudo LME to save some money when making starters. I've started lagering and making a frozen yeast bank... so it would be nice if I could save some money (and trips to the lhbs) by making my own LME. My idea is to make...
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    Lager Yeast Pitching Temps

    Hello, I brewed my first lager last night, and had some questions about yeast pitching. I have read that it is better to pitch slightly colder than the fermentation temp (50F). I have also read that letting the beer start fermenting for 24h before chilling will allow for a good yeast...
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    Kegging vs. bottle conditioning wait times

    Hello, Im getting ready to start kegging my beers and im curious about why you can drink forced carbonated beer so quickly after kegging in comparison to bottle conditioning. Having tasted bottle conditioned beer after only one week, I know that having a carbonated bottle does not make it...