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    Heatstick be trippin'

    I recently built a second heat stick using these instructions. I probably used 2 tsp acetone to thin out the jb weld to pour into the chrome drain pipe to seal off the electrical connections. After about 36 hours, I tested the heat stick and after about 20 minutes it started tripping the gfi...
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    Back to brewing

    Hi guys! I was once an active participant in this site. But brewing kinda went to the wayside for a few years due to school, work, marriage, and now a baby girl. Still brewed on avg one batch every 3 months. But didn't really invest much time on expanding my knowledge. So I'm coming back...
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    Summit Hefeweizen

    Due to Summit's decision to discontinue one of my favorite beers, I would like to try to clone. This will be my first brew that is not from a kit. Summit has release the following information to me: 2-row Harrington, Wheat Malt Tettnang hops ABV: 4.2% IBU: 18-23 Since I'm a extract...
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    WTF Summit!

    So yesterday I get a call from my buddy (who happens to be shunoshi here) about one of my favorite beers, Summit Hefeweizen. He notified me that the reason we're having so much trouble finding this beer lately is that Summit has discontinued it and replaced it with a much less quality beer...
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    Fantasy Football team names

    Just curious what others are using for their fantasy football team names. This year I'm using "Off Constantly". Anytime I loose, the other team looses too as they beat Off Constantly. I saw this somewhere and had to use it. Any other good names out there?
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    High OG IPA

    I brewed a pike IPA kit from Midwest last night. The kit contained 2lbs DME 6lbs LME 2lbs grains and hops. When I took my gravity reading last night it read 1.070 at 74 degrees. The target OG is 1.058-62. Now I know that many will say that I didn't stir well enough but when I enter the...
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    Yeast Starter question

    On Saturday I made my first yeast starter. In a 1000 ml flask, I boiled 16 oz water and 1/2 cup LDME for 20 min. Throughout the boil the wort bubbled out the top a bit. I didn't think much of it until It was done and I had less than 400 ml in the flask when I started with over 600 ml. Oh...
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    Budget Can Crusher

    Wow, this lady has some powerful can crushers. She just might be able to crack my skull with those.
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    Half of batch skunky

    I brewed up a batch of Honey Bee Ale from kit I got from Midwest. I drank the last of this batch this last weekend and found that half of the bottles were pretty good and the other half were absolutely skunky in taste and aroma. Any ideas on what might cause half the batch to go bad?
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    Boiled over/low OG

    Last night I started brewing a Hank’s Hefe Weizen kit. I was at the point of bringing the wort to boil. My next step was to add the hops at the first sign of a bubble. After hearing about the bridge that collapsed 2 miles from my house I turned on the news to get details. When I returned to...
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    Hello from Minneapolis

    Hi everyone. I'm a big beer fan. I love all types and sizes. I've probably brewed a half dozen batches now and still have much more to learn in the art of brewing.