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  1. zippyclown

    Remembering ismellweird this November

    Maybe Mells not banned. I don’t remember him doing anything worth banning
  2. zippyclown

    Remembering ismellweird this November

    That's actually really creepy. I mean, coronavirus has always been around (the common flu is a type of coronavirus) and Lysol has always listed on the back that it kills coronavirus.... But in my entire life I'd never heard the word used even in a joking context. I've always been 1% sure there...
  3. zippyclown

    Remembering ismellweird this November

    Yeah he definitely said more than a few times that he meant "IsMellWeird" but without the capitalization it took on another unfortunate meaning. Supposedly didn't realize it until people here pointed it out. And by that time had already printed it on signage and marketing materials for his new...
  4. zippyclown

    Remembering ismellweird this November

    Oh no, they are WAY more entertaining in context! 😂
  5. zippyclown

    Remembering ismellweird this November

    Hi all, Occasionally I find myself re-reading that tragic Sewage in Kettle thread and I just realized this morning that last week marks 4 years since that chaos unfolded. It motivated me to assemble what I think were mell's greatest hits. Serious or not, the guy was half genius and half...
  6. zippyclown

    Sewage in kettle

    Holy cow. Just... Holy cow. There is a special place in my heart that is reserved for only the very best. I've put this thread in there today. I will take it with me wherever I go, for as long as I live. Thank you, Mell. And good luck. zc :mug:
  7. zippyclown

    Hack for whirlpool arm with no internal threads?

    Actually, what you're showing me here is exactly what I've been envisioning. Just didn't know how to find it. Really appreciate your help here. zc
  8. zippyclown

    Going to my LBS for the first time Friday, need tips

    The cost of gas exceeds shipping costs by maybe 2x doesn't it?
  9. zippyclown

    3 word story

    about camel AIDS
  10. zippyclown

    Hack for whirlpool arm with no internal threads?

    Interesting yes I think that compression piece was what I was missing. Seems like I could make it work. Thanks for the idea!
  11. zippyclown

    Random Picture Thread

    Please stop making me laugh. It hurts when I pee.
  12. zippyclown

    Hack for whirlpool arm with no internal threads?

    There's threading on the outside. I could easily attach a valve, exactly like the main valve I use for draining, etc, but on the inside the threading terminates and can't be connected to. The thermometer that came with the pot screwed onto the outside threads but had a probe that extended...
  13. zippyclown

    Hack for whirlpool arm with no internal threads?

    Hi all, I have a 2nd port on my brew kettle for a thermometer. I removed it to install a whirlpool arm, bought lots of fun parts from home depot, and then noticed there's no connectable threading on the interior of the port. I experienced all 5 stages of grief, and now I ask for your...
  14. zippyclown

    Smallest 7 gall conical fermenter

    Is there a conical fermenter out there between 5 and 8 gallons that can fit in a chamber 31" x 16 x 16? That would have to be pretty compact and not sure it exists. Is it at all cost efficient to have something custom made? Worst case scenerio I will alter the chamber to make the dimensions...
  15. zippyclown

    Weldless brew stand that won't kill me with fumes?

    I'd like to buy all the materials soon to build a brew stand that doesn't require welding. Lots of threads on that topic but from what I'm seeing people are using materials that shouldn't be heated (plated, galvenized struts, etc). Is there a safe way to do this? Something I can get at the...
  16. zippyclown

    Very very HIGH OG. Whats wrong?

    The good news is, that's the wrong tool for calculating gravity The bad news is, it's the right tool for MEASURING POISON and anything over 7 is POISON!! No worries though, you can probably get it down to 5 or 6 if you just swirl the fermenter a bit. Have a night day! zc
  17. zippyclown

    How would you describe "malty?"

    To me, malty means "a lot of flavor & perceived sweetness from the malt. In many cases, to me, it would be a honey sweetness, or a caramel sweetness. Whatever the characteristic of the malt is being used, coupled with sweetness, is what I would call malty. I wouldn't say that the beer has to be...
  18. zippyclown

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    The spent grain from yesterday's belgian quad made the tortillas I used in these chicken burritos tonight. My first time using spent grain. The last bite was all tortilla and it was a spiritual experience. The smell of the grain as it was being milled. As it was steeping in the hot water. As it...
  19. zippyclown

    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    Good lineup for game day I think. zc
  20. zippyclown

    DIPA Feedback for me, if you're bored

    Following up on this. I brewed it as-is only I added 1 oz of Amarillo to the dry hop because I needed to get rid of them. Mouthfeel is medium. Average head when poured from the keg. Sweet orangey aroma. Color is a dark hazy reddish-orange. Bitterness is smooth and present but not overpowering...