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    lost recipe

    I had a recipe for an Irish red that didn't have any chocolate malt but used toasted malt instead. I am out of chocolate malt and still want to brew something similar to an Irish red. Anyone have a good recipe they would like to share?
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    am i safe?

    I had a 3year old sour ageing. It has unfortunately turned into vinegar. Don't know how or why. Anyway, it tastes good but is it safe? Abv was about 5%
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    how can it go so low?

    Brewed a beer that I mashed at 160* and the O.G. Was 1.060. Got all the way down to 1.005. Can't find my book to tell you the recipe but it is an English pale ale with at least a pound of crystal 40 or 60,can't remember. BRY-97 yeast. Pitched at almost 80* but by the next morning it was down...
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    alternate uses for your grain mill?

    I have a friend that wants to make some fresh ground corn meal. Do you think my Barley Crusher can handle dry corn or would it suffer ill effects from the larger hard corn?
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    What is your favorite hop schedule

    I'm getting ready to brew and I was just wondering what your favorite hop schedule was. I have plenty of cascade and centennial for todays endeavor. Cheers :mug: Chris
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    Show Us Your Veggie Garden

    How many of you have a garden and love being in it? And here is the garden that my neighbor lets me help in
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    Bottling a Sour

    I am going to bottle my first sour soon and was wondering if there was anything different from bottling a regular batch aside from dedicated equipment. I read that it was a good idea to add some yeast with the priming sugar since it is a year old
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    Just was given a deep freezer for free from the inlaws. I won't be able to pick it up till next weekend but Keezer here I come.
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    Must love the beer store

    Picked these up at Chucks in Bowling Green. I could have spent all day looking for beer in there
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    Free pepper seeds

    . This offer is Closed Thanks Chris
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    The One

    How many of you have found that recipe that you will brew over and over? I've been brewing for over two years and still havent found "The One" I have a couple of recipes that I will brew again but not one that will be my beer. Mabye I never will but I'll have a lot of fun looking!
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    New Brewer is here!

    Thought I would introduce everyone to my new son Michale Lannan
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    Here is a lotta Hot

    Made some pickled peppers today. The jalapenos are damn near as hot as the cayennes.
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    Blackberry Top Up?

    I have 5 gallons of blackberry wine in a 6 gallon secondary. It will need racking soon and all I have are 6 gallon carboys. What would be a good choice of store bought wine to top up with? I would like to do it with something kinda cheap as I am on a pretty tight budget right now. Mabye a box...
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    Would this be considered a porter?

    I'm thinking about something darker for the colder months. 6 lbs gold LME 1 1/2 lbs crystal 60 1 1/2 lbs munich malt 8 oz chocolate malt 8 oz franco belges kiln coffee 1 1/2 oz glacier 60 min 1/2 oz glacier 5 min not sure what type of yeast yet.
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    Mystery beer glass

    Does anyone know what kind of beer glass this is and where I can get them? The link is to a beer kit but I am intrested in the glass in the picture.
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    What kind of HDTV do you have and what made you buy it?

    I am going to buy a flat HDTV in the next month or so and am doing a little resarch by reaching out to opinions that I respect. So what kind, what features, how big, refresh rate and all that jazz. This will be a christmas present from me to me and my PS3, and my family By the way it will...
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    Is it bad that I have a batch of beer but am too lazy bottle it? If I don't I will have to buy beer some time next week cause I'll be almost out of homebrew:( Probably ought to bottle.
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    I need a stein

    Does anyone know where I can find a plain opaque beer stein with a lid? All I can find are hudge 1 liter decorative ones that I would be scared to break not to mention their outrageous prices. Something simple and not pricy. Anyone?
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    Eldercake Skeeter Pee

    So I have 3 gallons of elderberry wine in primary and will be puting into secondary soon. I'll be making a blush with the seconds and want to make a skeeter pee with the cake. Can I get away with 4 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket or should I scale the recipe to only 3 gallons?