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    question about beer comp. registry. can someone help a noob??

    I am very excited to be participating in my very first beer competition that will be judged next month, but a little confused on one part of the registration. On the online registration there is a spot to put the name of the brew, ok i get that. Then the style, I'm good to go there. But the...
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    mashing white wheat. protein rest?

    I've done some searching but can't seem to find a definitive answer. I want to make a wheat beer using about 40% RAHR White Wheat. This will be all grain. Hopefully someone who has used this grain can give some insight. The last batch I brewed I used the white wheat for the first time and...
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    anyone have 3 empty white labs yeast vials laying around??

    I've been looking around this site for some ideas on tricking my kegerator out and I like the white labs yeast vial tap handles that I've seen pics posted of on here. Here's the deal, my lhbs doesnt carry white labs yeast and I'd rather not have to order some online just to make these tap...
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    First time mead's what I did

    Like the title says, this is my first batch of mead. Just wanted to get any tips or insight from some of you experienced mazers on the recipe I have put together. 1 gallon recipe about 3lbs of local honey (variety honey, mostly galberry and wildflowers) 1 campden tablet (crushed) 1 tsp...
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    Greetings from Alabama!

    Hey folks, Mark here. Been browsing this site for a year or two now so I figured it was time to create and acount and introduce myself. I have learned a good bit of what I know about brewing off of this site and I thank the good people of HBT for that. Now that I have an account I feel the need...