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    Chest Freezer Specs and Layouts

    Sorry if I missed this in a previous post, but I'm looking to try and do exactly as you have done with the newer model of this freezer (Model #FFCL1542AW Frigidaire 14.8 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer in White-FFCL1542AW - The Home Depot), which looks to have the same dimensions. I'm also a tower fan, so...
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    Primary to Glass by Thanksgiving?

    I would drop the first dryhop in today, loose in the fermentor to maximize surface area. My schedule would be: Nov 12-17 Dryhop in primary Nov 17-19 Cold Crash Nov 19-23 Keg, add Dryhop#2, and carb at room temp Nov 23 Chill to serving temps Nov 24 Drink up! I've found ~20psi at room temp with...
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    Raw Ale / No Boil

    :rockin: rock on man! I also want to add that this beer keeps getting better and better. 4 weeks in the keg and it's better now than it was at week 1. This shouldn't happen with an IPA, but by golly it has. This si some kind of super session sour. :fro:
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    Raw Ale / No Boil

    To update, I brewed a twenty gallon batch of this split 4 ways. Brett trois with 6oz Citra Brett trois with 6oz Amarillo Conan with 6oz Citra Conan with 6oz Amarillo This was my first sour, and easily my favorite sour I've ever tasted. 3 hour "brew" day, then grain to glass in 2 weeks...
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    Raw Ale / No Boil

    Alrighty! Will do!
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    Raw Ale / No Boil

    Thanks for sharing! I picked up some Plantarum capsules and I think I'm gonna brew it this weekend or next. Am I reading correctly that there are no kettle hops in this? EDIT: Did you aerate/oxygenate before adding the conan?
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    Growler filler for Perlick 425?

    Awesome! Thanks man I'm gonna pick one up.:mug:
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    Growler filler for Perlick 425?

    I'm in the same situation. Did this work out for you?
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    Show me your Tap Towers

    here's a little something I threw together. Gonna drill the holes tonight! Hoping for the best:mug:
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    Massachusetts Mosaic Hops

    I'll take 2# if they'll fit in a small box. Thanks for doing this!:rockin:
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    Mid Hudson Valley, CT Round#9

    I'd also be in for the following if there is a Hartford area mule. 3 sacks GW-Pale 1/2 sack Munich 1/2 sack wheat
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    Fastest beer grain to glass?

    Is there a there a test I can take to determine what brewing level I'm at? I'm new here and want to make sure I ask level appropriate questions.
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    Chronical Fermenter by SS Brewing Technologies

    My guess is that they are using a lotto system so newcomers aren't discouraged by a long wait list. This, however, completely turns me off wanting to use them. I need to be able to reasonably plan for upgrades, not be surprised by getting privilege to buy from them at the last minute.
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    DIPA with chinook, centennial, amarillo

    Looks good to me. One of my favorite iipas is Chinook/centennial/simcoe. I'd imagine Amarillo would be equally delicious.
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    Garbage Pail (Pale) Ales

    No clue really. I've read subjective reports of ~60%, but I've found it to contribute a nice hop flavor and an additional soft bittering quality.
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    Garbage Pail (Pale) Ales

    So my new favorite hoppy beer technique has been to harken back to the days of the great hop shortage days and reuse dry hops in the boil of the next batch. I'll bitter a 1.50-1.65 OG beer with 1oz of fresh CTZ or Warrior, and then add 3-5oz recycled dry hops from a previous batch at either...
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    Induction Kettles

    It's really weird, I'm unable to detect even the slightest attraction of my stud finder to any portion of the kettle (bottom/side/rounded edge of the bottom) other than the handles. I even tried a couple other magnets to be sure. In doing some reading on this, I came a across a post on an...
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    Induction Kettles

    Finally got around to testing this. I still don't understand, but it seems the magnet test is equivocal for induction.
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    Induction Kettles

    Sounds good, I'll try to run a test with 3 gallons this weekend.