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  1. Electric Brewer

    Need help with lagering setup

    Hi brewers and brewettes. I'm looking at a way to manage cold fermentation. I would like to setup a chest freezer and keep it at 35f. But my problem is, how can I cold ferment the beers? I already have a second fridge in my living room that acts as a kegerator, and a chest freezer that acts...
  2. Electric Brewer

    Rate my cold room setup.

    The hat is a courtesy of my daughter. In the bucket, it's a 9# German pilsner, 2# Vienna and saaz, with 1007 yeast. The "jacketed" conical has a centenial blonde in it. I had to seal with duct tape and I didn't like it. So much ordered a ss brew bucket to replace it.
  3. Electric Brewer

    Anyone brewing all wheat beer?

    I read a lot about brewing with wheat. I came up with a recipe. 7# German pale wheat malt 6# flaked wheat Rested at 104, 124 Mashed at 154 for 2 hours OG was 1.052 FG 1.014 The beer taste mighty fine and the dry hopping really elevated the taste. The color is also pale just like how I like...
  4. Electric Brewer

    Too much flour in the grist. Brew day ruined.

    I'm not quite sure what I did ,but I did one thing differently. I tried to foolishly get better efficiency and I grinded my grain twice. Made a lot or flour. My electric kettle didn't like it. The Anvil gave me an E3 error. It baked a cake at the bottom. Have to empty and wash. Then I saw the...