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  1. Brewmiser

    Found a good deal on kegs

    $28.99 plus shipping they may give you a bulk price if you get a bunch. I think they were out of Florida. I saw them on eBay & called for a better deal. But I ended up with a local guy. but thought I'd share anyway.
  2. Brewmiser

    Kegging Sour beers

    Just started kegging my Sour & Brett beers a while back and was wondering if anyone has any issue with infection due to a shared CO2 tank? I have separate equipment all the way up to my manifold & use a check valve. Haven't had any issues but I noticed some crap in my sour side gas line and...
  3. Brewmiser

    Classic Beer Style Series: Lambic

    I just got an email back from Brewers Publications saying that they are working on bring back the Lambic book as an eBook and maybe potentially reprint it. I've been wanting to read this but haven't been willing to pay the $255.00 from amazon. Thought I'd share this for any Lambic brewers that...
  4. Brewmiser

    coconut in Primary

    Anyone have a reason I should go ahead & rack to a secondary for adding my coconut & cacao nibs? it's been 2 weeks & I want to add the coconut/cacao mix for a week. I was thinking of just throwning it in my primary.
  5. Brewmiser

    What is your favorite Beer recipe?

    What is your favorite Beer recipe? & a link to the recipe would be great too. I'm trying to decide what to brew next.... :mug:
  6. Brewmiser

    Wine Kit upgrades?

    Okay, so i've been brewing for a while & decided to get my feet wet on making wine. So I bought a World Vineyard California Pinot Noir wine kit. It was suggested by my LHBS to make it a 5.25 gallon batch instead of the 6 to give it more body & flavor. & also I could use 3/4s of the oak too if...
  7. Brewmiser

    Better spigot for bottling bucket.

    Does anyone know where I can get a spigot that can be taken apart to be cleaned? I normally just but cleaner in my bottling bucket & run it thru the spigot but I took it off today to find some crap stuck in mine. With no real good way to get in there & clean it. I can only take the little...
  8. Brewmiser

    2011 HomeBrewers Fantasy Football League!

    Looking for 11 HomeBrewers that are looking to play Fantasy Football. Either post or PM me your email for an invite. Here's the league Link Draft is set for Sunday Aug 28th @ 10 pm ET
  9. Brewmiser

    Where to drink in Vegas!

    going to be out in vegas soon & need to know where to go? i heard about a place called the freakin frog, i think that was it? anywhere else i should check out? something near the strip?
  10. Brewmiser

    clean up is a pain in the ___

    broke the little valve right out of my auto siphon when I was cleaning it & then got my brush stuck in my bottle filler.... son of a B.... I think i'm going to have to break my bottle filler just to get my nice brush :mad:
  11. Brewmiser

    preserving beer?

    Okay maybe it's just me but I seem to notice that after about 3 weeks some of my beers taste different. I'm not talking skunky or sour but just a lack of some flavors. Such as my Extra Pale Ale I made it was like sniffing cascade hops in a bottle week 1 now they just aren't as strong at all...
  12. Brewmiser

    did I kill my bottling bucket?

    Holy crap! I finally screwed up! I knew this was going to happen one day! So last time I brewed I used my new wort chiller & when I was done I put it in my bottling bucket which was full of starsan to clean it up. Well, some how the lid got put on the bucket( i blame this on my bro but we...
  13. Brewmiser

    Sour Brewer Question?

    To those of you who do Sour Brew Do you use seprate Equipment too? :ban: sorry it started rhyming & i couldn't
  14. Brewmiser


    If I put a 1lb of honey in my wheat beer does it become a braggot? Is there a certian ratio of malt to honey that changes it from a beer with a touch of honey to a Braggot?
  15. Brewmiser

    15 year old beer kit!

    I just found 3 "the Beer Machine" kits in my basement from 15 years ago. I think i'll buy a 3gal carboy & brew them up just for sh!tz & giggles. of course I'll get some new yeast first. Anyone think these will work? I guess I'll only really be wasting time if they don't. 1 can of pilsner...
  16. Brewmiser


    Okay I'm jumping in to Kegging a bit blindly & was wondering about regulators. just looking for some general feedback on them. I'm looking at Taprite vs Chudnow planning on a dual gauge but was thinking of skipping dual body & just splitting thru a manifold. Any suggestions on things to look...
  17. Brewmiser

    bottle conditioning was too cold now what?

    I have always just left my bottles in my basement to carb up but the temp dropped to 57 one night & I think my yeast went in to hybernation. I have moved them up stairs to where it stays around 70 & have them wrapped in a blanket too. But still no fizz.... I guess my plan is to just wait &...
  18. Brewmiser

    fermentation temperature; too cold?

    I was shooting for 65-75° F for my fermentation but the temp of my basement dropped to 60° F overnight. I'm still bubbling away & have since wrapped in blankets. is there any negative effects from letting my temp drop too low?
  19. Brewmiser

    What is the Weirdest thing you have ever brewed?

    I was just reading about Artichoke beer in a book & was wondering what is the weirdist Beer you have brewed. :fro:
  20. Brewmiser

    two 2.5gals instead of a 5?

    Okay I'm somewhat new to brewing & I'm making a high gravity Belgium number 8, starting gravity of 1.084 I know I want to age some of it, but there is no way I will be able to leave it all alone. So I was wondering if I could split the secondary into two 2.5 gallon carboys instead of one...