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  1. TriangleIL

    Belgian Golden Strong Ale Pink Elephant (Delirium Tremens clone)

    Just needed to update this thread, since i saw the email notification today. This beer turned out AMAZING. I will need to post pics, but I've had RAVE reviews from all the beer and non-beer drinkers that have tried it. Absolutely keeping this bad boy in my arsenal now. I wouldn't change a thing.
  2. TriangleIL

    Wanted: Rhizomes

    My hallertau is almost 3" high so far, cascade just behind at 1". The willamette and tettnang haven't shown any signs of life yet. (They were planted about 3 days later, so I will keep waiting)
  3. TriangleIL

    Arduino questions (mash temp controller)

    I think you will just want to use this library to control the LCD/buttons. There is an example in the examples folder .... but you would basically take the example and replace the button logic with your logic to raise/lower temps.
  4. TriangleIL

    Wanted! Electric Brewery! Let me know if you have one for sale!

    MadBird, What are the requirements for your system? That will give us an idea of what you need... i.e. Do you know if you want HERMS or RIMS or other? Do you know how large your power demands are? 30A, 50A, 60A? Do you want to have it hard plumbed with stainless, hard plumbed with...
  5. TriangleIL

    Wanted! Electric Brewery! Let me know if you have one for sale!

    I have my valves working, and am now moving on to the automation part of the system. I have yet to brew on the system, I'm waiting on my SSRs from China and then I should be ready to go. The system has been tested except for heat and I'm looking forward to including the automation features...
  6. TriangleIL

    Wanted! Electric Brewery! Let me know if you have one for sale!

    Depending on what you are looking for, and how much you wanted to spend I would be willing to either sell my current setup, or help you build your own custom setup. Feel free to PM to discuss if interested.
  7. TriangleIL

    Horned Mash Paddle from Hell

    This is AWESOME! Did you already know how to do all of this or are you learning as you go? How/where are you learning your techniques?
  8. TriangleIL

    Help Wiring a valve

    Thanks guys. Just ran some tests again on this thing. I'm picking the control voltage off the wiper, is that the right way to do this? For the pot, I have position 1 from +DC of wall wart, position 2 (wiper) to valve (Y white wire), position 3 to -DC of wall wart. Then I return from...
  9. TriangleIL

    Help Wiring a valve

    Thanks for the reply Junkster. Per your questions... When I set the valve closed manually and it opened itself, this was with 24VAC applied and any voltage supplied across white (No voltage, 5, 10). I did not try the reverse/direct acting switch, I will give that a try. I'm fairly certain...
  10. TriangleIL

    sous vide

    Subscribed. This thread is making me hungry.
  11. TriangleIL

    Help Wiring a valve

    So I've got my valve all wired up, I'm using a 10VDC wall wort through a 10 MOhm potentiometer to control the valve. Trouble is, the valve doesn't work. I tested my voltage across the lines. I am getting 24VAC across the red/common lines and I can vary the 10VDC from 0-10VDC across the...
  12. TriangleIL

    Contactor Wiring Help

    You guys all rock. Thanks for the help! I found a marking that said 230V/60Hz near the coil. I'm not sure how my moronic self missed that before. I rewired the panel, used my 220V hot legs, and boom she worked! The three phases ended up working out beautifully so I could pass the 24VAC...
  13. TriangleIL

    Contactor Wiring Help

    So I wired this all up, and the control voltage (24VAC) isn't causing the contactor to 'kick over'. The manual switch works just fine. I tested the voltage over the A1/A2 connection and I'm getting 24VAC. I'm fairly certain they are rated at 24VAC to kick, any ideas?
  14. TriangleIL

    Used pyrex flasks - chicago

    wegs, your inbox is full again, but I can come by and pick them up anytime this week. Would prefer something during the day and not during traffic if possible, let me know some times that would work for you. Thanks!
  15. TriangleIL

    Oh crap, my HERMS system is dead!

    Check your PM
  16. TriangleIL

    RTD Sensors

    Ebay sensors are really cheap.
  17. TriangleIL

    Used pyrex flasks - chicago

    wegz15, I left you a PM over the weekend. Hopefully you got it and we can arrange pickup for the 4L. Thanks!
  18. TriangleIL

    Help Wiring a valve

    I modified the drawing to indicate my current - hopefully correct - thinking. I don't need to do anything more than just let the commons be on the same commons? So if I have two valves, just make sure to always connect negative 10VDC to the same black "common" from my 24VAC?
  19. TriangleIL

    Help Wiring a valve

    I need to resurrect this thread to make sure I don't kill something in my control panel before my first brewday. Unfortunately, all of Inodoros pictures are no longer available, so I tried to recreate what he said in picture form. Is my thinking here correct? Then just make sure that all...
  20. TriangleIL

    Quick Sherry

    Bringing this recipe back to life. I plan to make this for my mother for her birthday this year. She isn't really a beer drinker, but loves a good sherry. She also loves blueberries. As such, I was going to try to make this recipe as a Blueberry Sherry. My thoughts were Day 1: Take 3...