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  1. sh00t

    my braggart(ish), please critique

    6 lbs honey ---can easily increase this 1 lb dme 1 gallon blackberries 1 oz cascade hops safale-04 or would safbrew-33 be better???
  2. sh00t

    White Labs Clarity Ferm

    Hello! So after I chilled my wort I forgot to add White Labs Clarity Ferm. Of course its directions state: So does anyone have any experience with adding this after a week into primary? Or any advice, thoughts.. anything :) I'm not broken up about it but it is a kolsch and when someone...
  3. sh00t

    how do you caramelize honey???

    I was thinking about using caramelized honey in an extract recipe, but I don't know exactly how to caramelize honey... I did find this link but it doesn't exactly tell you how much honey they are using but gives exact measurements of other ingredients ie 1 tbsp water, few drops of lemon... I...
  4. sh00t

    Looking for a LHBS in Sedalia/Columbia Mo area

    Hi! Searching for a LHBS in the Sedalia/Columbia Mo area....... Getting tired of driving to KC :) Thanks edit: waaaay off topic... sorry
  5. sh00t

    out ball lock leaking like a sieve

    ok so, when i hook up the out ball lock to pour a beer it spays out the top of the connection at a pretty good pace.... this is a brand new keg kit from its at 10 psi.... what the hell is going on? I'm not a fan of wasting beer.... is this a mechanical problem that...
  6. sh00t

    Yet another carbing question

    Brand new to kegging but here's what I did: I took my triple hopped ale (primary for 3 weeks), it turned out only 4 and a quarter gallons, cold crashed for 24 hrs then racked into a corny and put at 30 psi and plan on leaving it for 24 to 36 hours at that level. Then vent and bring to 12 psi...
  7. sh00t

    Interrupted Mash

    I started mashing 3 lbs last night for a partial mash but i got called into work. I was able to sparge the grain and then I put the liquid in a brew bucket with lid and put it into the fridge. Will this harm anything or contribute to off flavors? I was gonna just pick up where i left off, boil...
  8. sh00t

    Just ordered from keg connection

    I just decided to take the plunge into kegging! :) Kinda sick of bottling and I've got 15 gallons fermenting right now and am going to brew up 5gal tomorrow and 5gal on sat then 5 more the friday after that, so of course I'm kicking myself for not ordering more kegs ;) but I guess thats the...
  9. sh00t

    Lagering in my basement???

    Right now my basement is at a high of 63 degrees F & low at 60 degrees F, how hard is this fluctuation on lager yeast? White labs WLP810 optimal fermentation temp is 58-65°F but I'm worrying about the temp swings.... or do i just need to RDWHAHB and let primary fermentation happen there then...
  10. sh00t

    Irish Red Ale and Biscuit malt

    I'm going for an irish red ale but not sure why i added the 2 ounces of biscuit malt.... I think it was one of those things that I wanted to try some of it in something... I've never used it before, anyone have any thoughts on its addition? Or is there even enough there to add anything...
  11. sh00t

    AHS Pecan Porter reviews???

    just planning my next brew and the AHS Pecan Porter mini mash has got my attention but I don't know how much I like using extract flavoring??? Had a raspberry beer that used extract raspberry flavor and it ruined the beer... Has anyone made/drank this kit? Thanks in advance
  12. sh00t

    Extract recipe critique

    Ok so I was gonna try this Triple Hopped Pilsner.... not sure about the hops tho, so please let me know what you think... Is this an a$$load of hops or what? Does the simcoe push it over to a ridiculous amount :drunk:? Briess Pilsen Extra Light LME 6.25 pounds 1 oz Saaz US 5.8% AA 60 min...