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  1. phasedweasel

    Bruery Saison De Lente Recipe NEEDED

    Just bumping this thread out of interest. Mike, I saw your post (I think) on the Babble Belt saying you thought Bruery used Brett B for this beer. Do you have an updated opinion or recommendation? This beer smells like everything I want in a Brett finished beer ....
  2. phasedweasel

    How to make a clean tasting IPA?

    Dirty_martini, what are you water levels? I have soft water, around 50 ppm sulfate but not much else. I generally add about 2g each CaCl2 and gypsum to get the overall calcium up and roughly balance the CaCl2 and gypsum. To everyone else, thanks for the feedback, lots of things to think...
  3. phasedweasel

    How to make a clean tasting IPA?

    I've made two IPAs so far, and neither was quite what I'm looking for. In the good commercial IPAs they taste "clean" and "pure". What I mean is I get hop aroma, bitterness, malt, maybe some fruity smells from the hop and the yeast. However, my IPAs have been tasting kind of "muddy". I am...
  4. phasedweasel

    Drinking Homebrew Young or Early

    I, too, am really curious what the "green beer" the aging advocates talk about tastes like. Can you describe it, or point to exaggerated examples? I don't care if I bottle in 2 weeks or 2 months, I have a fat pipe, but I am trying to understand my process better. I've had several beers that...
  5. phasedweasel

    How do you transfer the cooled wort to primary?

    Hey, I was wondering how you guys transferred your cooled wort to your primary. How do you filter our the hops and hot break? If you rack, how do you avoid them? I know one recommended method of avoid the junk is by whirlpooling. I stir my cooled wort up in a circular fashion to make a...
  6. phasedweasel

    Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison - they were right!

    I bottled my saison made with 3724 last night. Bottled September 21st, and I brewed it July 25th. Two months in the primary! I fermented at 75-78, and when it stalled out at 1.034 (OG 1.064), I moved it outside onto my North Carolina porch in the summer. In a water bath (to keep daily...
  7. phasedweasel

    Saison fermentation temp

    +1. 3724 is just a different kind of beast. Starting warmish and warming later doesn't work. I started at 75 and brought it to 90 as it slowed down, but it was too late. This yeast actually does best started hot, 85+, and kept there. Also, never bottle a high FG 3724 beer. You can either...
  8. phasedweasel

    After Careful Consideration: My Recipe

    The tannins only make it taste drier than a beer with that FG would have, they do not actually lower the FG.
  9. phasedweasel

    WLP 029 or Wyeast 2565?

    I made an altbier using 1007 and keeping it at 60 with the swamp cooler method. I highly recommend trying the swamp cooler as it costs next to nothing. In addition, because it provides a more stable temperature than my apartment I find my final gravities have been finishing lower (1.013 /14 vs...
  10. phasedweasel

    Proposed Style Guidelines. Cascadian Dark Ale

    Are you trolling? What's with the hostility and insults?
  11. phasedweasel

    Magic Hat - Howl

    Yeah, it wasn't anything close to a clone, all I got was a really just an "inspired by" kind of beer. I was expecting the Howl to be a lot closer to a schwarzbier, but I thought it had significant roasty / chocolately flavor. Next winter I'm going to try a schwarzbier recipe and possibly...
  12. phasedweasel

    Proposed Style Guidelines. Cascadian Dark Ale

    So a California Common should have been named after Northern Brewers, then? We're naming the beers after the growing locations of the ingredients?
  13. phasedweasel

    Fixing tannic / astringent beer?

    I was not adjusting my water at the time I made this beer. The Durham, NC water is quite soft, everything is under 20 ppm except sulfates, around 57. I had no problems with this water brewing basically an all pilsener Belgian blonde previously. However, after two sparges I'm betting the grain...
  14. phasedweasel

    Fixing tannic / astringent beer?

    Thanks, if I get desperate I might dump them all back into a secondary with gelatin. I know polyphenols / tannins bind to proteins, gelatin especially, and drop out.
  15. phasedweasel

    What is your homebrew "spare parts list" comprised of?

    A handful of Notty packs in the fridge, DME for starters and poor efficiency, extra buckets.
  16. phasedweasel

    Fixing tannic / astringent beer?

    Hey all. I recently made a small beer from the second runnings of a higher gravity main batch. I know I sparged hot, but it was apparently too hot, or just too much sparging for the poor grains. I now have a ~4% abv small beer that is distinctly astringent. I was wondering if any of you had...
  17. phasedweasel

    Truly traditional Porters?

    Shut Up About Barclay Perkins is the most comprehensive site of accurate historical information on stouts and porters dating back through the 1700s. They have some truly traditional recipes as well.
  18. phasedweasel

    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    Tastes good. I let mine sit for 6 weeks though.
  19. phasedweasel

    Bad Zymurgy, bad!

    Did you soak the chips first to get the salt off, and maybe some grease?
  20. phasedweasel

    Kvass & recipe

    Oldsock of Mad Fermentationist has, I believe: Neo-Kvass.