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  1. MikeFlynn74

    Washer motor for sale

    I have a washer motor out of a Whirlpool Duet washer for sale. Its a powerful motor with the pully and the belt. 50 for the motor and 10$ ship. Pics
  2. MikeFlynn74

    Lets talk SLRs

    Im looking to buy a new cam and a telephoto lense. Im looking at either Olympus e-520 Nikon d60 Sony A300 From what Ive read on Steves Digicams I cant seem to really find a good pro/con for me to make a decision on. Any advice?
  3. MikeFlynn74

    Newest Assistant Brewer!

    Born 9-9-09 he came early but is in good health! few more pics in my gallery
  4. MikeFlynn74

    I hate jackasses

    So for over 3 weeks I have been putting together a trip for a couple us guys at work. 2 days of hunting (mostly rabbits and Grouse) but I got my stuff incase we found a legal moose and Black bear. 1 day of a Chartered fishing trip on the Kenai at a good discount 175 vs 250 per person...
  5. MikeFlynn74

    Palm Pre commercials

    Who else hates these commercials with the creepy ass ghost of a woman?
  6. MikeFlynn74

    I loooooooooooveee Bourbon

    I love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!11!!!1
  7. MikeFlynn74

    lets talk Bocks

    I am completely new to lagers- but I am coming up on 9 months of lager season. So explain Bocks! Lots of Crystal? Lots of munich? I want to do a dopplebock
  8. MikeFlynn74

    Well.... Sold my bike *sniff*

    07 SV1000s She was a beaut! Fast as hell, smooth, sipped gas. The guy got a smoking deal as I need to be rid of the payment, dont owe much on it and just need ig gone now. One of my favorite things is the Pearl Black paint. Im going to paint a car that color one day. Ill post some...
  9. MikeFlynn74

    First Braggot

    Ok since my kid got me the Extreme Brewing book for fathers day. I decided to brew the Crandaddy Braggot with a few slight changes. 9lb 8oz 2 Row 8 oz 40L 2lbs dried cranberries 6lbs Clover honey. Nothing special just Costco bottle. 2oz Styrian Goldings 60 min. 1.9%aa Notty yeast
  10. MikeFlynn74

    What a ******

    49ers' Crabtree conducts convoluted holdout - NFL - Yahoo! Sports In April, the cross-bay San Francisco 49ers rejoiced when the Raiders selected wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey(notes) seventh overall. It allowed the Niners to select Michael Crabtree(notes), a pass-catching machine out of...
  11. MikeFlynn74

    Alaskan Imperial Stout

    Mash 148-150 76% 15lb American Two-row Pale 10% 2lb Chocolate Malt 5% 1lb Brown Sugar 3% 8oz Roasted Barley 3% 8oz Black Patent Malt 3% 8oz Crystal 60L 1% 4oz Crystal 120L 60 min 3.5oz Magnum 10 min 1oz Glacier 0 min 1oz Glacier est IBU 98...
  12. MikeFlynn74

    Bananas hefe

    I was at a brewpub a few weeks ago and the hefe they had there was all sorts fo bananas. Id love to recreate that. 5lbs Wheat 5lbs 2row 60 min 1oz Hallertau Im not sure what the best Hefe yeast to achieve the crazy bananas.
  13. MikeFlynn74

    Pale Ale

    Well Ive got everything ready Mash 150-152 7lbs 2 row 1lb Rice 8oz Honey malt .5 oz Magnum @ 60 .3 oz Cascasde @ 10, 5, 0 1 oz cascade Dryhop Secondary 7 days. Notty yeast. Missing something? Suggestions?
  14. MikeFlynn74

    Went Dipnetting

    Damn was that fun. I wrote a quick and dirty note to describe the trip. It was like Herding Cats Seriously- If you want to laugh, cry and even accidentally catch some fish. I highly recommend dip netting with Larry, Curley and Moe. Timeline- Friday 230. After making 37 trips to places...
  15. MikeFlynn74

    Easy light Drinking APA

    Lets see if this sounds bueno looking for a lighter beer (lighter mouth feel/lower grav) APA 7lbs 2 row 8oz Honey Malt 1lb rice or corn .25 Summit FWH 1 oz 10 min .75 flame out.
  16. MikeFlynn74

    Red Faction

    What can I say- This game is awesome. I was torn between it and Ghostbusters. Im really glad I got this. The Demolition in the game is really cool. Game play is smooth and all the millions of things you can do are badass. Take missions, help the good guys or just go wreck ****!
  17. MikeFlynn74

    another IPA

    10 lb American Two-row Pale 1lb Flaked Corn (Maize) 8oz American Crystal 60L 60 mins 1.0 Summit pellet 10 mins 0.5 Amarillo pellet 1 mins 0.5 Amarillo pellet 1 mins 0.5 Simcoe pellet Winsor ale yeast. Talk to me. Let me have it.
  18. MikeFlynn74

    Alaskan White

    Alaskan Beers have introduced a new brew. White. Its an American Wit beer. Its one damn good beer. I highly suggest you try it It sucks that they and Midnight Sun dont get the circulation they deserve.
  19. MikeFlynn74

    Marble Flooring

    Anyone ever put down a Marble floor? I have 200sqft and looks like we are going to go with 12" tiles. Real Marble- Kitchen dining room area Any tips? Pros cons?
  20. MikeFlynn74

    Are Americans too enamored with Hops?

    Everything I have been reading is that Americans over hop everything. You guys think this is true with American micros?