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  1. fratermus

    Odd floc behavior in old 3068 slants

    I had some old, original refrigerated slants of Wyeast 3068 from a year ago that I recently used in two weizen batches. Yes, I know one is supposed to reculture at 4-6mos but I made 10 of these at the time. :-) Both slants were viable when started on a stirplate in 10cc of sterile wort. I...
  2. fratermus

    Bud "Wheat"

    Looks more like a wit to me. I'd be more willing to try it if it were a straight wheat (no spices).
  3. fratermus

    recooled keg will not dispense correctly.

    I am confused. My keg was working fine until I let it warm up and rechilled it. Details: I had my first kegged beer dispensing fine (an Anchor Steam clone): 40F, 10' of 3/16", picnic tap 12psi. Everything but the bottle inside the fridge. Pulling a pint or two each day for about 2wks...
  4. fratermus

    Input sought on old Firestone keg

    I got in on the classifieds keg buy and all were in good shape and held pressure. 2 were Cornelius, one was Cornelius-clone Firestone (visually identical except for relief valve); the final one is the one I want input on. It is stamped Firestone Challenger (no V-anything visible). It...
  5. fratermus

    1/4 liq. disconnects, 3/16 line

    I understand 3/16th beer lines can be preferable because of the increased restriction, but all the disconnects I see are 1/4 size. Are people just shoving the 3/16 lines onto the 1/4 barbs? Or are there really 3/16 disconnects that I am not successfully googling? Backstory: I recently got...
  6. fratermus

    seen on eBay - 24 stir bars for $25 ($31 shipped)

    Not my auction, but at checkout eBay said he had 13 boxes of them. I just bought one. $25+$6 shipping = $31 Spinbox color-coded stirbar assortment I figure they'll be more than I'll ever need but maybe I can trade some of them off for a barbell spinner for my curved-bottom 2L flask.
  7. fratermus

    Don't be me: bulk grain storage screwup

    Two days ago I moved 4 25kg bags of grain ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected]) onto a pallet in the garage while I collect suitable water- and rodent- storage containers. Dear Wife calls out from the garage this morning that "we have a problem". Yes, the water heater has come apart, and yes, the water...
  8. fratermus

    solved: cheap propane burner lost force over time

    This tip restored full power to my turkey frier. I though I would pass it on. So if you are running a low-end frier and that jet turbine rushing sound, this might bring it back. It did for me.
  9. fratermus

    Bud American Ale bottles

    I have a buddy at work that supplies me with recappable bottles, and his latest package was Bud Ale bottles. On the plus side the labels come off easily, and the bottle brush fits in easily, and they are legit poptops. On the minus side these are some ugly bottles. I don't know what it...
  10. fratermus

    Anyone else weighing their water?

    I find measuring precise amounts of water time-consuming and difficult to do with any real accuracy. Since water is heavy (a kg/liter, or about 8.35#/gallon) I'd think it'd be easy to measure precise volumes by weight. So I bought a 50# hanging digital scale off eBay and hung it from my tree...
  11. fratermus

    FAIL: apfelwein yeast starters (harvesting slants)

    I have had 100% luck with making wort yeast starters from slants. Generally works like this: slant --> 50ml starter on a stirplate --> 500ml stir --> whatever final size --> pitch the whole thing Great results, no problems. I wanted to harvest a slant of 3068 weizen yeast to make...
  12. fratermus

    Source for German .5L beer racks

    They look like this: We always called them "beer racks". They hold 20 .5L bottles and stack very nicely. I have three of them that I brought back from Germany in my duffle bags :-) but would like about 10 more. Any know what they are called in German, or know a source to find them in...
  13. fratermus

    Kroger sale on pasteurized apple juice

    $1/half gallon if you buy ten (which happens to be what we need for a 5gal batch of apfelwein). I checked the ingredient list; same as the TreeTop that was mentioned in the original AW thread: water, AJ concentrate, ascorbic acid. So that makes the juce component of an AW 5gal batch =...
  14. fratermus

    Plano, Tx Gordon Biersch reviewed by DMN

    Guidelive is a BELO/Dallas Morning News thingy. Article here. The review speaks both GB and the dying brewpub scene in Dallas.
  15. fratermus

    First AG in about two decades

    Started back with a few extract batches to get some of the old muscle memory back, then ran an AG batch today. Much of it came back to me, but some didn't. Mistakes were made. Innocent enzymes were harmed... Cranked up some water to preheat the 5gal Igloo MLT. Dumped the 175F water into...
  16. fratermus

    carbing with bottles horizontal

    Does anyone have practical experience storing bottles sideways during carbing? The reason for this question is I'd like to fit more bottles in my Johnson-controlled fridge. Because of the spacing of the racks I can fit a about another case in the fridge if I stack the last case sideways...
  17. fratermus

    coming back to brewing after 17 yrs

    I started brewing in the 80s when I was stationed in the former West Germany. Mailordered all my gear from the US, thanks to the small number of sellers that would deliver to APO. Worked from extract for the few years. By the time I rotated back to the US and exited the army I had found...