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    Recover an Old Promash Recipe

    I'm a former Promash user who went to BeerSmith some years ago. Due to sloppy data handling, I've thrown out a bunch of hard copies of old recipes I had on Promash. I've combed through some old hard drives and found the original recipe I'm looking for in a Promash .brw file. I've tried to load...
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    Haven't been hanging out here much lately. Did a search and didn't find anything on this. A couple Microsoft guys came up with this system: LINK REMOVED MOD EDIT: Kickstarter Projects require a kickstarter account.
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    Yeast Cake Re-use/Gelatin/Cold Crashing

    OK, I'm tying all of these recent threads together as they may apply to the ball of knots issue I'm having. About 2 months ago I brewed a Dead Guy clone. Domestic 2-row (no I don't know the specific maltster), specialty malts and Pacman yeast. 150F Mash temp, 1.055 SG. The fermentation took...
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    Slant Life

    For those who are using agar/malt slants to store yeast strains, what kind of shelf life are you getting and how are you storing them? I have been slanting my yeast for 2 years now and am just now having issues. I slanted a Wyeast 1968 ESB yeast almost exactly 2 years ago. I make up 3 tubes...
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    Batch Sparge Speed/Problems

    I've been brewing AG for a few years now. My mashtun is a 10gal Rubbermaid cooler with up until now a stainless braid manifold. I had been having some minor issues with the manifold. I have maimed it from repeated handling and was beginning to have some minor stuck sparge problems. I batch...
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    Early Sprouting?

    We've had unusual weather here in SoCal this winter. Although it is now cool (for here) and raining, Last month there was some very warm weather, a week with highs near 80. I was just doing some weeding around my hops this weekend and found that my Crystal had sent up a couple shoots already...
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    Local Water Reports

    Every now and then the "How do I find my local water report?" question comes up here. I was stumbling around looking for water filter info, (my old one sprung a leak) when I came across this EPA page with links to local water reports around the country: Where You Live | CCR Home | Safewater |...
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    Brew Shed? How About This Shed?

    YouTube - Why men have sheds
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    From Today's Seattle Times (Maybe the Shortage is Over?)

    Rest a bit in nation's hop heaven Crecencio Estrada takes a break and sharpens his machete while harvesting hops at Champoux Farms outside of Toppinish. Washington is the largest supplier of hops in the United States. The harvest begins in August and closes in early October.
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    I Smell a Copyright Battle

    Another "Better Bottle": CamelBak BPA-free water bottles hmmm...........
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    Best Beer Commercial Ever?

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    Cooling Time

    Yesterday I had a mistimed brewday. I had put my 2l starter on the stirplate Friday morning. This was my first starter made from pressure canned starter wort rather than the 10 minute DME boiled on the stove starter wort. Anyway after 48 hours I still had a bit of activity going in the flask as...
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    Non-Malt Extract Efficiency

    Has anyone calculated mashing extract efficiency for any non-malt fermentables? I'm planning a yam ale. I have rough numbers of 20 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams of raw yam. I plan on baking the yam and then mashing it with 2 row. Any guesses on the extract efficiency?
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    UC Davis Brewing

    An article from today's LA times with some info on the UC Davis brewing program, both undergrad and extension. Amazingly, partially funded by AB!,0,709481.story
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    Centennial Blonde a Hit!

    I served up a keg of BM's Centennial Blonde to a group of BMC (OK and the occasional Sammie's) drinkers last night and it was a big hit. I follwed the recipe mostly, except for using Wyeast 1275 yeast. A great beer to sip while we stood around the BBQ waiting for burnt bugers and dogs. I also...
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    What's Eating Me?

    My little ones are growing up fast. However yesterday I found something small has been nibbling, so far on my Crystal only. I can't see anything there, even under 5X magnification. Any ideas? Wait! Now that I look at the picture, Is that the varmint right there in the lower left?
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    More Consolidation in the Craft Brew Biz
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    Did Heat Kill My Babies?

    While it seems like everyone else has been fretting over the effect of frost on their hop babies, I'm wondering if high temps killed some of mine. I planted 6 rhizomes three weeks ago. The Cascade, Crystal, Goldings and Willamette are flourishing nicely. The Hallertau and Fuggles both put up one...
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    Pyramid Breweries to be acquired by Magic Hat
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    Quick Start in Socal

    Well, day 8 after planting. I just got home from a weekend in the mountains to find some activity. I have sprouts from a Willamette, Goldings, Cascade, Fuggles and Crystal. The only holdout is a Hallertau. Weather has been quite variable. Low 90's last weekend to low 60's this weekend.