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  1. erockomania

    Going to Germany

    Hey guys! I'm headed to Germany for two weeks. I'll be all around the country. What are some must try beers? Considering I'm a west coast IPA kinda guy, is there anything in that range? Thanks!
  2. erockomania

    Drake's Aroma Coma clone?

    I've seen a few clones out there by they are completely different from each other. Anyone have a good recipe for this excellent ipa??
  3. erockomania

    Blending yeasts

    Has anyone here ever experimented with doing yeast blends? If so, what was your process and outcome?
  4. erockomania

    Had a couple Bells Two Hearted IPAs

    ..and I'm not too sure what the fuss is about. Very mild aroma, too dry and sorta "beery"(if that makes sense). Don't get me wrong, it was a good ale, but nowhere near the quality I would expect to taste in a beer with a "100" rating on BA. Old keg maybe? I was at the Wexford Alehouse in Wexford...
  5. erockomania

    Saison recipe

    HI all, I'm going to brew a 10 gallon, all grain batch of Saison this weekend. I want to make a fairly simple recipe and would like your thoughts on this... BHE: assuming 70% for OG of 1.055 15 lb - Pilsner malt 5 lb - Munich 1 lb - Carapils 8oz - Corn Sugar 90 min boil: 3 oz Saaz at...
  6. erockomania

    Carbonating keg lid Has anybody used these? Thoughts?
  7. erockomania

    My Keezer

    So I've finally converted my chest freezer! Based on the info I got here, I decided to go thru with the collar instead of a tower. Thanks for all the advice!
  8. erockomania

    Basic Saison

    How basic can a Saison recipe get? Can I just do two row and some White Labs Saison II yeast and call it a day? I want to make a nice light ale for the ladies to drink but interesting enough that the guys would like it too. Will the Saison yeast bring some interesting flavor to such a basic...
  9. erockomania

    Recirculation chilling and foaming

    Ok, so yesterday I used the jamil method of recirculating wort thru the chiller coils. I followed all instructions and even duplicated placement by looking at pictures of his online. So, I start the action, then I went and grabbed a beer after a perfect brew day. I'm shooting the s*** with my...
  10. erockomania

    Brewing a Blonde(ish) with SaisonII WLP566

    I want to brew a Blonde ale in the next couple weeks and I was thinking about using this yeast: Seems it might create an interesting ale. Thoughts? Any experience with this?
  11. erockomania

    Good, cheap brewing scale?

    Anyone know of a good, reliable scale for weighing grain? 10-20lbs would be cool. thanks
  12. erockomania

    Tap Tower on TOP of keezer?

    I just bought a chest freezer and I want to put my taps on this weekend. However, I am unsure why all the keezers I see have been converted to have a collar in which all the taps reside. Is there a reason I should not drill into the top? I imagine it might be a support issue, but I could easily...
  13. erockomania

    tons of dry hopping... no aroma

    Hi there, my last two batches have been Rye IIPAs. First batch tasted just about perfect but after 5oz of dry hops (5gal batch) I had little to no aroma after kegging. This latest batch was a repeat but I added 1.5oz more hops at flame out and an additional 2oz as a third addition of dry hops...
  14. erockomania

    Head retention tricks?

    I've heard of some folks using specific grains to get nice head retention... carafoam, etc... but is there anything else to it? There are some beers out there that have absolutely perfect head retention and other that don't. Are there other tricks?
  15. erockomania

    grain ratios for Black IPA

    2-Row Malt 5.50lbs 83.8% Crystal 40 0.50lbs 7.6% Caramel Wheat Malt 0.38lbs 5.7% Chocolate Malt 0.19lbs 2.9% I'm making a small batch of a Blacl IPA (India Black Ale?... lol... I hate calling it a black pale!) this weekend and I wanted to know if these ratios look ok. I might...
  16. erockomania

    timing for dry hopping in a keg

    I'm considering dry hopping the keg for this next batch and I was wondering what the best timing was for that. Should I simply use the keg as a secondary for several days then CO2/refrigerate? Or simply dry hop it at the same time I'm about to CO2/refrigerate it?
  17. erockomania

    Building water for IPA this weekend

    I am brewing a 7% ish IPA this weekend and I want to use either spring water like calistoga or similar or even distilled. What would I need to add and in what amounts to yield a good, high IBU IPA? Should I just go with the Burton pack and call it a day? I think my water is causing some...
  18. erockomania

    Resinous hop flavor... how to?!?!?

    OK, some of my fave IPAs like Drakes Aroma Coma, Heretic Evil Cousin, Highwater Brewing No Boundaries, etc... have a super in your face resinous hop flavor and over the top fresh aroma. The resinous quality in these 3 IPAs is very similar and there is obviously a technique to getting it... what...
  19. erockomania

    How do you minimize the possibility of oxidation when dry hopping?

    I don't keg right now and I have no access to CO2 to purge the carboys... how do you minimize the possibility of oxidation when dry hopping for, say, a IIPA?
  20. erockomania

    Double Dry Hopped Stone Ruination IIPA

    Just had a pint from a rare keg of this tonight. All I can say is WOW! Aroma was phenomenal and lasted for the entire pint. It smelled like someone crushed hope cones in their hands and sprinkled them on top of the foam... I've never smelled a better IIPA. The bitterness was perfectly balanced...