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  1. nebben

    WANTED: GABF ticket for Saturday Member's only session (1)

    Stupid Ticketmaster. My friend was unable to get through to ticketmaster during the first hour and a half, and now the 1st Saturday session, the member's only one, is already sold out. If anyone has an extra I can purchase, please let me know!
  2. nebben

    My $4.00 stir plate

    Often times I like to make lagers and pilsners in the waning months of winter here in Utah. Unfortunately for me, I have about 20 gallons of lagers planned, and don't have the patience to shake up 4 or more 2L jars every time I walk by. This coupled with the fact that I am planning on using...
  3. nebben

    Idapils versus continental pilsner malt

    Does anyone have any thoughts on using Cargill Idapils as a base malt for something like an imperial pilsner, versus a more standard German, UK or Belgian pilsner malt base? Just kind of a random question. It's cheaper and I've already got ten pounds of it.
  4. nebben

    Barleywine yeast favorites?

    I am just working on my second barleywine of the evening, and decided to get on the internet.did I mentiom I made a barleywine a little over a year ago and think it turned out fantastic. I used a yeast cake from a pale ale using wlp001. Honestly, many of my pale brews have used this yeast and...
  5. nebben

    Rogue Independence hop farm declared disaster area

    What a tragedy. I hope they are able to salvage some or all of their farm.
  6. nebben

    The future of barley in doubt

    The subject is somewhat misleading, but the future of barley production for malting purposes doesn't look good. Small or no increases in production coupled with increased demands worldwide will mean higher prices. Someday maybe homebrewing will also include home-malting as a matter of...
  7. nebben

    sour beer startup sanity check

    I've got Brett C, WLP655 (Belgian Sour Mix 1), and numerous Belgian yeast varieties. I have a starter of Wyeast 3724 (Belgian Saison) in the works that is almost done. Some things I want to try, even on the first attempt if possible, are a Grand Cru, Flanders Red, Oud Bruin, and something to...
  8. nebben

    Substitute Pacman yeast for Kölsch yeast?

    I brewed a [accidental imperial] Northern German Alt beer last night, and in a daze when I woke up this morning pitched the Kölsch starter into the other carboy (simple pale ale). I didn't realize the mistake until the final yeast bits were plopping into the wrong fermenter. I have a Pacman...
  9. nebben

    Huge efficiency that wasn't intended- 17 points over

    Last night we brewed an alt, that was already estimated to be towards the upper end of the 7A style range (1.053 @ 75% efficiency for my recipe vs. 1.054 limit for style 7A). We did a double decoction mash. I didn't take a pre-boil reading...perhaps I was cutting corners where I could, and I...
  10. nebben

    "brewers" in Salt Lake County jail hospitalized

    So I thought about putting this in General Chit Chat, but since these fellows were technically "home" when they brewed this stuff, I figured it might apply here. Salt Lake Tribune article: Utah inmates get sick from tainted brew In a nutshell, the Salt Lake County Health Department is...
  11. nebben

    Dip tube screen ideas?

    I brewed a Pale / Amber last month in my Blichmann conical. Unfortunately, either the conical got too full of hop bits, or it was operator error, because some hops material and a little bit of trub wound up getting racked out of the conical during kegging. It was more material than I have...
  12. nebben

    holy ****, it's shark week Getting a little drunk...
  13. nebben

    Speaking of the HBT BJCP competition, I got a warning letter from FedEx

    I was thinking about entering a couple beers into the 2011 HBT BJCP competition this spring. Shipping? No big deal, I'll just use FedEx since they don't have explicit rules about shipping alcohol like the US Postal Service does. The thought of defying USPS rules and having a postal inspector at...
  14. nebben

    Uploading photos to gallery?

    Umm, I must be missing something. My gallery page has a black background now in each cell of the table that contains all of my images, and I no longer have an upload photos button/option anywhere I can see. Any ideas?
  15. nebben

    female hose thread to male 1/2" NPT adapter

    I got this in a two pack. Does anyone need it? A buck plus shipping?
  16. nebben

    Northern Brewer Cooler Sight glass w/tee for thermometer

    If you're thinking about building your own hot liquor tun or mash tun (MLT or HLT) out of a cooler, this item will most likely work for you. It fits about a 1.5" thick cooler (I got this for a 10G round cooler) and has a T fitting on the outside. The compression fitting fits most small...
  17. nebben

    Your preferred method for separating boiled hops from fermenter?

    Up to this point, I've had a laid back attitude about the hops and trub that wind up in my fermenter. There is a lot of room in that carboy (and now that Blichmann :)) for the extra "waste" products. Besides, it is far easier to scoop up and pour from the boil kettle into the fermenter to...
  18. nebben

    Visiting Portland, OR: which brewery to visit first?

    My sister lives there, and I'm going out a day before my family comes out for Thanksgiving. I've got some time to burn on the town, and thought about visiting a brewery or two. I've visited the Rogue pub (I think that is what it is called?) ... but otherwise no other brewery. Where is...
  19. nebben

    hand pump beer line/keg cleaner?

    I swear I saw one of these in a writeup here in the last year, but I can't find it via search. I've spent the last half hour at work doing it. Not enough time on HBT, this is true, but I think I've done enough. Anyway, the write-up I'm thinking about is one of those hand-pump garden...
  20. nebben

    Which beer in contest?

    I've got two pilsners, some remnants of an IPA, and recently a new steamer all in kegs. My current bottled beers are either commercial, or 1+ year homebrews of early personal homebrewing history. My conundrum is this- The IPA is based on someone else's recipe, so even though since I...