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  1. IceFisherChris

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    +5, Surly Bender w/cacao =2046
  2. IceFisherChris

    co2 cold?

    It doesn't matter where the tank is. Pressure is pressure. Your tank WILL read a lower pressure when it's cold than when it's warm but the same amount of gas is still in there.
  3. IceFisherChris

    Non-refrigerated Corny kegging

    The keg will perform similar to bottling. Add the same amount of priming sugar to your keg as you would to your bottling bucket. I was a little nervous and went easy on the sugar, but then I had to add CO2 pressure to get it up to my taste. You don't have to keep them cold either, you just need...
  4. IceFisherChris

    Is my beer ruined?

    I may get a few slaps on the wrist for saying this, but I have never paid attention to my gravity readings. Only when I'm just curious because the hydrometer came with my kit.. Priming sugar would only add about 0.002 to your gravity. Don't worry one bit about your beer.
  5. IceFisherChris

    Oxygen caps..

    Bought them once and never noticed a difference. BS if you ask me.
  6. IceFisherChris

    If you add ground coffee at the end of your boil...

    Get a fine mesh bag, grind the coffee coarse, and either add at end of boil or at fermenting time.
  7. IceFisherChris

    Ahhh nothing like a homebrew

    I'd do anything fer da packers
  8. IceFisherChris

    Sanitizing bottles?

    I usually recruit someone to fill a bottle with a couple ounces, put thumb over opening, and shake. Dump back into pot of star san. Set on a cookie sheet and repeat for the next bottles.
  9. IceFisherChris

    Glass Carboy with a hole

    I WOULD NOT USE IT!! Sorry for the caps but I would never mess around with a huge glass container that has structural problems. You really do not want to be holding that thing when it breaks apart and the glass shards slice all the way through your skin and tendons.
  10. IceFisherChris

    insulating kettle mash tun

    Wool blanket
  11. IceFisherChris

    Is Rinsing Grains Important?

    At the very LEAST, let it all drain out. It's not super important but you'll get a little more flavor. It's like getting the last few squeezes of toothpaste out of the tube.
  12. IceFisherChris

    Straight from primary to bottling bucket - How do you avoid trub?

    Place your primary bucket on the shelf and wait half a day. Anything that got stirred up should mostly settle. Other than that just keep your siphon off the bottom and lower it as the beer level goes down. When you get to the bottom start to tilt the bucket. And don't worry if you have to leave...
  13. IceFisherChris

    why does my beer taste like butt

    A couple questions... Where did you get this kit from? It would be interesting to read the ingredients and procedure. Quality of your kit makes ALL the difference. A crappy kit will make your beer taste like "butt." The recipe they use can be poor quality, also the ingredients could be old and...
  14. IceFisherChris

    Fermentation or a Problem?

    How come you only have 2 gallons of beer?? :( That could cause less aggressive bubbling. A small amount of beer with a lot of extra air space. You should be fine though, don't worry. Do not make judgements after only 17 hours. I usually give it a whole day before I even start to think about...
  15. IceFisherChris

    Dumping Entire Wort into Fermenter?

    Just dump it all in, I don't think it really matters. If you use a lot of hops then filtering through a strainer isn't a bad idea. I did a brew with 6-8 ounces of hops once and had a LOT of trub.
  16. IceFisherChris

    Chilling Wort in Arizona

    You can't get below 74 even with an ice bath?? Something just doesn't sound right there. Here is my suggestion: Do not bother with an ice bath at all until you get below about 100 degrees. You want the coldest water toward the end of the chill. Don't use it all up in the beginning when you...
  17. IceFisherChris

    Temperature control for your fermenter?

    Some people put their fermentor in a big plastic bin with water (and some ice.) Just like keeping a keg cold at a party, just not THAT cold. Or you could go to the hardware stove and grab some blue foam board insulation to make a cover for your bucket. Put some frozen bottles of water in there...
  18. IceFisherChris

    My pot never boiled when i brewed on an electric stove

    Wrap some tin foil around it to make a heat blanket. Might not work but it's worth a try. But if your stove can't even boil 2.5 gallons, its REALLY weak... As for your beer turning out okay, I think you should be totally fine. The lack of boil and temperature may mess with your hops a little...
  19. IceFisherChris

    Carboy Caps instead of stops

    Some tin foil squeezed around the neck of a carboy is all you need.
  20. IceFisherChris

    How fast can I flip a Wit?

    Yes you can. I brewed a Porter and opened my first bottle 9 days after brew day. Definitely wasn't as good as it could have been, but still tasty.