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  1. Buford

    I Hate Buying a Car

    My dad recommended to stay away from Carmax (he's a retired mechanic, used to work at a Chrysler dealership), but what in particular is bad about Carmax?
  2. Buford

    I Hate Buying a Car

    I'm still debating on what I'm going to get. I looked at a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Blue and did in fact try driving it around the parking lot even though I have next to no experience with a stick and it's been over a decade since I was in one. I sputtered and stalled a bunch of times (several...
  3. Buford

    I Hate Buying a Car

    My 2000 Chrysler died a little over two weeks ago and I'm currently trying to find a car. Engine is shot in the old car, it had 108,500 miles on it. I figured it was going to go within the next couple years due to the crap engine those cars had in them but it was a little earlier than I...
  4. Buford

    Polysulfone QD O-ring question

    I ended up getting them from Williams Brewing, they had them and I picked up a few other things to make the shipping worthwhile. Thanks for the help though.
  5. Buford

    Polysulfone QD O-ring question

    I have some of these QDs: But the O-rings on them are pretty shot at this point, even having been using keg lube. What size are the things, and would a place like Ace Hardware carry them?
  6. Buford

    Floating vs Lab Thermometer

    I've given up on analog thermos, I can never get one that reads quite right. I've switched to a digital with changable probes so I can leave long wire probes in my HLT and my mash tun threaded through the lid to get reading when I need to without opening it, and I have an extra straight probe...
  7. Buford

    Chilling With Lid On

    I don't bother covering, and you really shouldn't at least until the wort is below 140 degrees. DMS stops being produced below that temp, and any condensation that drips back in while it's still being made will get that DMS right back into the beer.
  8. Buford

    Minimum size pot for your boil?

    I used to use an 8 gallon, but had a few boilovers. I now use a 10 gallon, and that's about right. I do 90 min boils, and have to account for loss in the lines of my pump and cooling setup, so I start with about 7.5 gallons of wort before the boil. Having a big pot is good for measuring out...
  9. Buford

    Anyone Snus?

    Yeah, the ban is on flavored cigarettes. Covers clove as well, but not menthol. Have heard that Djarum will slightly change the size and market their cloves as "cigars" to evade the ban due to the wording.
  10. Buford

    Comcast Blows

    Huh, I haven't had any issues with FiOS service. I only have the internet service, though, I don't care about TV (if I want to see something I just find a torrent or use Netflix). I've been doing over 300 GB / month traffic for several months and not heard a peep out of Verizon.
  11. Buford

    Blichmann Boilermaker for MLT/Boil Kettle/both/neither?

    I have a 10 gallon I use as a boil kettle and for heating strike water before I transfer it to a cooler. The pot is nice, but beware that the boil screen does not play well with pellet hops. Leaf is fine, but I put all my pellets in large (4") tea balls/baskets to keep the sludge from clogging...
  12. Buford

    Hello from Richmond, VA

    Definitely check out the JRHB. Each month's meeting covers a particular topic (often a beer style) and there is a segment called the "5 Minute Brewer" that quickly gives an overview of an aspect of brewing that only needs a few minutes to explain and doesn't need a whole presentation like...
  13. Buford

    Getting Carded

    I'm 31 and rarely get carded for anything around home. A few months back I was in Boston and got carded for EVERYTHING, even tobacco purchases. Hell, I got carded in a convention dealer room before I could look at a dealer's porn comics selection. I have a beard and my 27-year old wife (well...
  14. Buford

    Anyone Snus?

    I think I may be changing my opinion on Grov Svart. I'm starting to like that rye-bready flavor. It's quite a bit different from the bergamot flavored types.
  15. Buford

    Anyone Snus?

    I got my Northerner order in a couple days ago. Thus far here's my impressions - all are portion except General Loose: General Original Portion: Just salty enough, good bergamot quality to it, overall not bad. I have to use two portions at once, though. General Original White: Mostly the...
  16. Buford

    Anyone Snus?

    There is a side benefit to oral health with higher pH as well, as it helps neutralize the acids that attack teeth. Also, snus contains little sugar (only what is in the tobacco itself) so there's nothing much for oral bacteria to convert to lactic acid unlike most US chew/dip. I think most...
  17. Buford

    RIP Michael Jackson

    Doc Hammer (co-creator of The Venture Bros.) has that, and it affects part of his scalp leading to a permanent non-pigmented white streak in his hair. At least in his case, it looks kinda cool.
  18. Buford

    Anyone Snus?

    Snus is actually alkaline - it contains sodium carbonate.
  19. Buford

    Anyone Snus?

    Found out a local place carries General. I picked up a can of Original Portion and the Wintergreen White Portion (I asked for the plain White, but I didn't notice until I loked at the can later that he gave me the wrong thing). Not complaining as I wanted to try the wintergreen anyway. First...
  20. Buford

    Rip David Carradine

    I'm thinking that it likely was a straight-up suicide, as he had stated in interviews that he had considered jumping off a building or shooting himself before. Not out of depression, but out of having no fear of death. He said he was having a great time even when he considered suicide, and it...