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  1. mkling

    North Carolina Equipment Sale

    Hi, If you make it to the Triangle (I'm in Chapel Hill), I'd take the bottle tree, all your carboys, a couple ball lock kegs, and the nitrogen tank/stout faucet if this is all still available.
  2. mkling

    RIS Recipe critique

    Agreed! You're using less roasted malt that you often find in a simple 4-5% abv Dry Irish Stout. I think you definitely need more roasted barley.
  3. mkling

    North Carolina electric keggle complete $75

    If still available, I'll go next in line. I'm in Chapel Hill & could pick up quickly.
  4. mkling

    Golden Naked Oat Kolsch?

    I think this recipe looks good. It sounds like a beer I would enjoy tasting. However, nothing about this recipe says Kolsch to me. Call it anything else. Simply using a kolsch yeast doesn't make this anything like a kolsch.
  5. mkling

    North Carolina 6 gallon 2 port brew kettle with brewmometer, false bottom & valve

    Rules of the Forum is that you have to at least list a starting price. Then you can list that you're willing to negotiate.
  6. mkling

    Late Hopped IPA Recipe Critique

    The hopping here looks good. The flaked oats will be fermentable & should count towards the ABV. What they will also do is leave a fuller, slicker mouthfeel & some haze/cloudiness behind because of the increased proteins that will be in the beer.
  7. mkling

    Are these Hops additions too much?

    That looks a lot like Tasty McDole's Janet's Brown hop bill. If you're looking for an India Brown Ale, I think that will do it.
  8. mkling

    Cream wine?

    That would be a malt liquor -- make your own Olde English 800! Just be sure to bottle some of em in 40 oz bottles.
  9. mkling

    Do You Depit Your Cherries?

    Olive Gose -- salty, sour, olivey goodness.
  10. mkling

    Do You Depit Your Cherries?

    Use a paperclip. Cheap & very easy:
  11. mkling

    Help! What BJCP category should I use?

    I'd call it a blonde ale -- it's a broad category that would fit fine. If you wanted something else I guess you could try kolsch or cream ale, though neither of those is a great match.
  12. mkling

    2015 BJCP American Strong Ale Category

    With 13 oz of Special B, it's going to be very deep red, probably too dark to do well as an American IPA or IIPA, also likely to be too sweet on the finish if you think it's really going to finish at 1.022. You could go Specialty & call it a Red IPA or a hoppy Imperial Red Ale. Those would fit...
  13. mkling

    Freezer clean out

    That looks like a fine IPA recipe. I like my IPAs with lots of hop character, so I might use a little more at flameout, but I'm sure this would also be good just as it is.
  14. mkling

    Freezer clean out

    All of those are hops that work well in an APA or an IPA. It's hard to give a hop schedule without knowing gravity of your beer or Alpha Acids of the hops, but I'll give you my general schedule for both. I'm going to go backwards from last additions to first. IPA: At least 2 ounces dry hop...
  15. mkling

    Rolled Oats Cereal Mash?

    Like with any of the flaked brewing grains, the rolled oats (aka oatmeal) went through hot rollers that pre-gelatinized them. You should be fine mashing them just as you normally would. That's what I've always done & never had a problem.
  16. mkling

    North Carolina Chapel Hill: pickup only : carboys for sale

    I'm in Carrboro & will take em. Let me know over PM how you want to meet up.
  17. mkling

    New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb Clone

    In that Brewing Network podcast with Dan, he implies that he uses winemaking techniques in making his fruit beers. I heard this as implying that he stops fermentation before complete fermentation has occurred using sulfites and potasium sorbate, maybe after filtering. This would leave behind...
  18. mkling

    North Carolina 12" SS Bazooka Screen

    Just let me know if you want to sell & what the price would be with no shipping. Thanks
  19. mkling

    North Carolina 12" SS Bazooka Screen

    Where are you at in NC? If you're in the Triangle & not paying shipping (so the price might drop whatever shipping would be), I'd be interested.
  20. mkling

    Carafa II for Altbier

    One way to get color without much roast is to add this Carafa II at sparging instead of mashing it. This will decrease the roast contribution. The other possibility is cold steeping it. Do either of these, & I think you'll be fine using it instead of the Carafa Special.