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  1. antony

    Flexible all grain pilot setup for relatively little $

    Start off small and invest more as you see fit. It's pretty much what we've all done. Granted, you can always have more brewing equipment, it's what makes the hobby a hobby. I've been brewing about 7 years and have a full grain set up with keggles, turkey fryers, and a dedicated fermentation...
  2. antony

    Bottom Draining Tun Deadspace?

    I recirculate the first few quarts or so. Should I be recirculating more? I generally pull off a gallon at most & pour that back. then i drain & batch sparge.
  3. antony

    Bottom Draining Tun Deadspace?

    Hey gang, I built myself a bottom draining mash tun from a decommissioned black rubber coated keg & I've got a false bottom in place. My question is regarding mash volumes. Should I measure the space below the false bottom to the drain (maybe .5-.75g) and then add this volume to my usual mash...
  4. antony

    Anyone else decide to regress their brewing setup?

    This made my day man. I lost mine just over thirteen months ago to cancer at forty. Big hugs, glad ya'll made it.
  5. antony

    Mash Out?

    Pretty sure the smarter guys are going to ask for more info, I just wanna follow along. How much liquid did you mash/sparge with? What temperature did you ferment at? How long has it been in bottles? Betcha the really good ole guys would want a recipe/process too. Congrats on your first...
  6. antony

    My backyard hop situation

    Excited for my 3rd year plants as well. Cascade, Centennial, & Columbus, all grown under 7ft mostly due to HOA regulations. Last year I had great cones but a bout of powdery mildew due to the tight coils of bines and cramped space from multiple shoots. This year I plan to limit to 2-3 shoots...
  7. antony

    Blueberry Powder?

    Hey gang, Went to Whole Foods with the wife today & I saw this: 100% blueberries, no additives, roughly 48t per bag comes out to right around 800 blueberries. thoughts? I've never used blueberries in a beer because I figured I would just need a ton but this has got me curious...
  8. antony

    3 taps - what would you chose?

    four taps now: pale ale, porter, wheat/ipa/stout, experimental (fruit or some other adjunct). pale ale & porter always, wheat/ipa/stout depending on season/mood.
  9. antony

    Dancing the 1 fridge Two Step with one bier to ferment and one to serve

    go with your plan. I have ten kegs and regularly rotate things around my 4 keg fridge. As long as the keg isn't in the blazing heat & it's sealed, I'd think you'd be just fine.
  10. antony

    Raspberry Brown Recipe?

    Hey gang, I'm curious if anyone has a good Raspberry Brown recipe, similar to New Belgium's Frambozen. I've tried AHS before but was looking for another. Any input would be great. I know how to use the internet, just looking for first hand accounts/experiences. Thanks in advance.
  11. antony

    Can anyone tell me if this is oxidation?

    If this was all grain, mind posting the grain bill/recipe?
  12. antony

    Stuck 20%ABV beer attempt

    Used amylase once on a stout that was stuck around 1.03...I think it might have dropped another point or two...whether that was the amylase is debatable. I've read more saying that amylase has to be added earlier in the process to be effective (mash, I think). I wouldn't think it'd be as...
  13. antony

    your favorite extra pale

    Been noticing how much I like really floral/hoppy extra pale ales. I've brewed a 9 lb Pilsner/2.5 lb red wheat w/5 oz of falconers flight that I really liked. Right around 45 ibus, really pale and so delicious young. Anyone have a hop that they think would be delicious w/the same relative ibus...
  14. antony

    Broke my Hydrometer before OG

    also, this if you haven't already best of luck
  15. antony

    2016 Fantasy Football

    I'm down. I'm in two leagues a year generally, could probably easily add a third. I'm in espn & yahoo...never done NFL league.
  16. antony

    Brewing while drinking beer.....

    we drink after starting the boil...buddy remembers pitching the yeast. I think he forgot the gasket for his fermenter after pitching though. It's my my house...cuz his wife doesn't want the mess. yup.
  17. antony

    Repitch or unfermentable

    As a milk stout, 1.030 isn't horrible...mine usually finish at 1.020 or 1.022. +1 to everyone that says move on and learn for next time. The high mash temp was the culprit but its a sweet stout so you probably couldn't have picked a better style to learn the lesson with.
  18. antony

    2 lbs of 2yr old nugget? ideas?

    Yeah, it was vacuum packed and dried. I haven't opened it yet, but when I do, if it stinks, I'll pass on them.
  19. antony

    Final Gravity issue

    what was your mash schedule? +1 to waiting...I generally wait 3 weeks as well. Post your recipe/mash schedule...if it doesn't drop further I'd bet the issue is somewhere in there.