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  1. shrews824

    Question about Fermentation

    Hey guys/gals, I'm sure this has been discussed ad nauseam before but I wanted to get some opinions. Ok, brewed a brown ale on Sunday. Got it chilled down to about 64F and pitched the yeast and threw it into the fermentation chamber (small freezer w/ inkbird controller). Woke up yesterday...
  2. shrews824


    Not to state the obvious, but I freaking love homebrewing!!!!
  3. shrews824

    What are the disadvantages of brewing small batches on a larger system

    Hey everyone, I'm wanting to maybe try to brew some kind of specialty beer for the Holidays. However, I don't want to brew a huge batch. Are there problems or situations that I need to look for if I brew say.... a single gallon batch on a 5 gallon system? Maybe, during the boil...
  4. shrews824

    My First Attempt At BIAB

    Ok guys/gals. I had my first go this weekend with the BIAB method. All in all it went pretty well I thought. Couple of hiccups, but not anything that I don't think I can iron out with a few more attempts. So, I brewed up a 3 gallon batch of an American Pale Ale: 6.0 lbs. of 2-Row 0.45 lbs...
  5. shrews824

    Needing some feedback on my first BIAB plan

    Hey everyone. I'm about to tackle my first BIAB session. Just wanted to double check a couple of things with you guys if you don't mind? Brewing up a 3 gallon APA. 60 minute mash Grain: 6.96 lbs. total 6.0 lbs of 2-Row 0.45 lbs of Vienna 0.3 lbs of Wheat 0.15 lbs of Victory 0.06 lbs of...
  6. shrews824

    Can't contain my excitement!!!

    Just wanted to share that I received my first BIAB recipe (an APA) in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to brew this weekend!!! Sorry, but just had to share the excitement and anticipation. Wish me luck. Cheers, Scott
  7. shrews824

    BIAB Converstion question

    Hey guys/gals, Hope all is well. So, I'm about to move to BIAB from Extract. This question may have been asked before or be in another thread so forgive me. If you could point me to the thread that would be great. My question is.... If I want to move from 5 gallon total finished volume...
  8. shrews824

    Initial boil question

    So, various extract kits start with varying amounts of water to steep the grains. I've seen anything from 2 to 4 gallons to have in your kettle at the beginning of the brewing process. Why would this be? Is there anything wrong by starting with, say 3 gallons when it calls for 2 and just...
  9. shrews824

    Quick question about primary fermentation

    Hey guys, Brand new brewer here. Ok, so I brewed my first batch this past weekend. An extract IPA. 5 gallons. Now, the recipe calls for 2 weeks in the primary, 2 weeks in the secondary, and then 2 weeks in the bottle. My question is, can I move it to my secondary after one week if the...
  10. shrews824

    Most of my gear arrived Friday!!!

    Well, the majority of my beer gear arrived Friday. I have a few more odds and ends pieces coming this week. My hope is to have my first brew day either Friday afternoon or Saturday. I can't wait!!! I'm extremely excited and nervous at the same time. Truthfully, I'm scared to death...
  11. shrews824

    Hello from KY

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to stop by, join the forum, and introduce myself. I have always had a fleeting interest in brewing beer. I've enjoyed "better beer" for about 15 years now, but never quite took the plunge into to homebrewing. I always found it a bit intimidating really. Well...