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  1. mandoman

    natural gas ring burners -

    32 tip natural gas ring burners just like these: I have 3 of them I am going to return to the seller. these have been hard to get recently and I waited nearly 4 months for these. In the mean time I received some larger...
  2. mandoman

    Williams Brewing

    Just wanted to give some props to these guys. I ordered a self priming pump to move beer from my fermenter to kegs and to move cleaners around. THe pump arrived with a cracked (just slightly) plastic head cover. I tried to use it but it leaked a bit. I called Williams and they said no...
  3. mandoman

    chilling 40 gallons with therminator and march pump

    During August 2009 with my 75-80 tap water I'm trying to chill 40 gallons of boiling wort by march pumping through a therminator. To assist, I'm using a 25' IC in ice batch to chill the chilling water to whatever temperature (haven't measured it). My water flow is pretty good, I don't know...
  4. mandoman

    off flavor - medicinal/band-aid - i know chlorine BUT help me solve the puzzle

    So this is the 4th time I've had this band-aid, medicinal flavor in one of my beers. First two times were long ago, in a brown ale and a pale ale. I originally attributed them to an infection as I don't think it's chlorine, which seems to be the popular culprit for this flavor. I use...
  5. mandoman

    pumping from fermenter

    I've been thinking about the use of Brute trash cans for fermenting (see BYO May/June 2009) and am wondering how you'd siphon when the bottom of the fermenter is at ground level. I'd prefer to pump it and am interested in what kind of pumps people use for moving cold side wort/beer. I know...
  6. mandoman

    yeast, oxygen, growth, and fermentation

    Another 'help me out here' thread. When yeast are pitched into unfermented wort they begin to bud or reproduce asexually in the presence of oxygen. Once the oxygen is depleted they switch to anaerobic metabolism and create alcohol and co2. So, what I'm thinking is that the 'lag time' prior...
  7. mandoman

    wtb: 12 used corny kegs, large CO2 tanks

    Anyone have 12 used cornies? Need not be rebuilt. I am using them for conditioning, don't even need to hold pressure. I will buy outright or have stuff to trade. Thanks for looking, chris
  8. mandoman

    chilling 30 gallons: whirlpool IC or plate chiller

    wwyd? I'm designing a 1 bbl (31 gallon) set up with a 55 gallon blichmann (yeah, bling, bling) and am considering a plate or immersion/whirlpool JZ style chiller option. What would you do? I'm wondering if 50' of 1/2 inch ic would do 30 gallons quickly - that'd be my preference, but a nice...
  9. mandoman

    anyone doing 20 g batches w/cooler mlt?

    So I've been considering a gravity fed 3 tier system using direct fired hlt and bk with a giant (150 gallon) cooler mlt. I know the sizes can handle it. I'm familiar with the system as it's essentially what I (and many of us) use for ten gallon batches with keggles. It would require a stand...
  10. mandoman

    mind your ball valves

    quick story about f'ing up normal ten gallon brew day going well. Decided to use my homemade cfc. Forgot that, since it's gravity fed, it takes a good 45 minutes to chill and fill 2 carboys. Whoops, daughters soccer game is coming up and have to leave. OK, figure I can shut off the chill...
  11. mandoman

    too little headspace in counterpressure fill?

    I overfilled a few bottles to about 1/4 to 1/2" from the top under counterpressure. I remember from bottle conditioning that headspace was important to balance the CO2 in solution and the headspace. Is this still true and what are the risks of sending these in versus uncapping, pouring some...
  12. mandoman

    help me id my yeasts - i'm an idiot

    Ok, more props for keeping good notes. So I banked three yeasts in gel in my freezer. I labeled one and i know the other two are american wheat and english ale (wlp002). I know 002 was a huge clumper/cottage cheeze so I figure if I make a starter with one I should be able to figure out which...
  13. mandoman

    burner/logistics for 55 gallon kettle?

    So I'm eyeing the sweet 55 gallon blichman kettles and wondering to myself, "How would you heat 55 gallons?" and "How friggin' heavy is that and would a structure hold it". Anyone have experience doing this kind of thing? It'd be killer to brew a 1 bbl batch using 3 55s and a 42 gallon...
  14. mandoman

    B3 conical to 1/6 sanke?

    If one had a b3 or similar 20 gallon conical how would one go about filling 4 1/6 bbl sanke kegs (not cornies)? I have seen the thread on HBT about removing the check valves in a standard sanke tap but is there a standard 'filler' sanke valve or something? Similarly, how would one then...
  15. mandoman

    dubbel with wlp530 day 7 1.030?

    I'm on my first belgian trip. All grain dubbel recipe. I aerated for about 5 minutes until the amount of foam made me cut it early (air pump w/hepa). I pitched a 2L starter of wlp530 abbey ale yeast that was in date. I pitched and started fermentation at 64 degrees. I used a 6 gallon better...
  16. mandoman

    WL838 Southern German Lager

    So I'm getting ready for my second lager - a munich helles. My first was a honey lager brewed with saflager s23. I had difficulty with fermentation control with that batch. I had it in my garage and while it was probably around 50 most of the time, it dropped way low several times through the...
  17. mandoman

    more glass carboy woes - be careful!

    Be careful!!! I did this simply scrubbing out the ol carboy. I use a regular carboy brush. I guess I was getting aggressive. I'm not a strong guy or anything but . . . One more thing to think about!
  18. mandoman

    todays brew - IC or CFC - tap water at 59F

    I'm brewing 5 gallons of AG belgian dubbel - it's boiling now. I have to chill about 7 gallons of wort to around 64F. I have a 25' 3/8" immersion chiller and a CFC. I prefer the IC cuz it's easier but am wondering if my 59 degree tap water will chill the wort to 64 in a reasonable (< 30 min)...
  19. mandoman

    bathroom fan for stir plate?

    I replaced a bathroom fan for a fan/light combo and have the old fan. It's 120v. I'm wondering if, with a dimmer switch, it will be ok for a stir plate? It is already in a perfectly sized box but I'm concerned that even on low it will spin too fast. If y'all have done this before please...
  20. mandoman

    critique my idea for ghetto single tier/one pump system

    Hi all, Like many, I'm on my journey with homebrewing. I currently brew 5 and 10 gallon batches on a garage-based propane 3 tier gravity system with a cooler mlt: My system and process have been slowly upgraded and I'm ready to a) move the propane to the driveway and b) stop using...