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  1. GASoline71

    % of alcohol

    What recipe or kit did you use? Gary
  2. GASoline71

    Starting Over

    Hello everyone. Man it's been awhile since I logged in. Feels good to be back on. :ban: Well the last time I posted anything was 3 years ago and we were moving into a new home. Well... time flies and things happen and now it's been 2 moves and we are finally settled into a new home AGAIN...
  3. GASoline71

    My top 10 tips for new brewers

    #13 Sniffing airlocks will make you sterile. :drunk: In all seriousness... just leave your fermenting beer alone. Let the yeast do their thing. Leave it be for 14 days. Yes... 14 days! Minimum! No need to go pokin' around in there with hydrometers after only 5 days in the...
  4. GASoline71

    Made a measurement mistake. Is my first batch of beer ruined?

    Funny how most "mistakes" in this hobby can actually turn out great beers. Congrats! Gary
  5. GASoline71

    Questions about kegging homebrew

    I do the exact same thing. Works just fine without "shaking" or "rolling" the keg. One thing about force carbing though... the beer is still not fully conditioned. The beers you drink at 5 days in the keg will not be near as yummy as the beers you drink after 14 days in the keg. Gary
  6. GASoline71


    Use a bucket fermenter. It has a handle, a secure lid, and a nice flat bottom. Not to mention bucket fermenters are super easy to clean, and they are cheap! No need to "rack" anything. I brew at different locations (friends houses) all the time, and transport my fermenter buckets in the back...
  7. GASoline71

    Ok been over 72 hours and no signs of fermenting starting

    Did you oxygenate the wort? Give the fermenter a shake? Gary
  8. GASoline71

    How do you clean your buckets/fermenters?

    This ^^^ Then all you have to do is rinse them out good, and flip them upside down on a rack to dry. Gary
  9. GASoline71

    Starsan Shelf Life

    I mix up 5 gallons of distilled water with Star-san in an old fermenter bucket. I just fill my spray bottles from there. I also use it to soak keg lines, taps, auto siphons, air locks, etc.... Just put the lid on when finished and use it for about 6 months. I just dumped my batch out today...
  10. GASoline71

    Fermenter smell?

    Don't "scrub" the bucket. If you scratch the inside of it you might as well use it as a gardening bucket. :drunk: Just cuz it has a slight odor of "beer" doesn't mean it's not clean. I soak mine for 2 days with PBW, and they still have a slight smell of "beer" and a slight off white tint...
  11. GASoline71

    micro bubbles in air valve

    How long was it in the primary? Most wheat beers can be done as early as 10 days without the need of a secondary. But I let mine go 14 days in the primary. The bubbles are nothing to worry about. There will come a time whenre no more bubbles come out. All it means is that the active part of...
  12. GASoline71

    Beginner Brew

    Growing barley is one thing... malting it is another. As far as yeasts go... You could always do an open coolship and invite wild yeasts. :) Gary
  13. GASoline71

    underpitch problem?

    Buckets are cheap... I'd grab another one. :) Gary
  14. GASoline71

    underpitch problem?

    We were all there at one time or another. What was being told to me by my LHBS guy, and what I was reading here was 2 completely different animals. So I went with what I learned here... I'm still learing, the more and more I read. But my beers turn out pretty darn good, and I owe it all...
  15. GASoline71

    underpitch problem?

    If the recipe you're brewing calls for a dry hop in 7 days... by all means huck 'em in there. :) Butr I think it might be a tad early. But... I'll offer this... you can do it or not... up to you... you really don't need that secondary. Even to dry hop. You can leave your brew in the...
  16. GASoline71

    Anyone had a carboy explode?

    I just kegged an Amber ale that never had any airlock activity... the bucket lid was not on all the way. Brewed up just fine. The pressure all went out of the bucket lid where it didn't seal.. I've also had fermentations blow the lid off the bucket. Just put it back on with a blowoff tube...
  17. GASoline71

    underpitch problem?

    I'd wait another 10 to 12 days before I'd check anything. Be patient... the yeasties are working. Gary
  18. GASoline71

    Aluminum vs stainless all grain

    Hop residue will come off with a paper towel or spoft sponge if you fill the pot with hot water and let it soak for a half an hour. EZPZ... :) Been brewing with the same aluminum pot for 3.5 years, and have yet to have a metallic flavor in my beers. Gary
  19. GASoline71

    third batch, how should I brew it?

    You'll also need to make a yeast starter... or pitch at least 2 packs of yeast. Gary
  20. GASoline71

    Help me boost this IPA Kit !

    I always get a funky melon/passionfruit flavor from Citra. I like it... but think that too much of it would kill your IPA. Straight from Hopunions website: Strong citrus and tropical tones of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee The name "Citra" is kind of...