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  1. bigirishape

    Will this contactor/relay work for my intended setup?

    I was hijacking PJ's Diagram thread with questions, so I'm moving out here to a new thread. I am modeling my build after Kal's TheElectricBrewery. Same elements, same SSRs, and in my attempt to purchase DPDT relays, I picked these up...
  2. bigirishape

    Thinking about going electric...

    I'm thinking about going from propane to electric, and I need help. I'm looking around at all of the threads and, to be quite honest, I'm getting overwhelmed - so I'm reaching out for some individualized feedback. What would be the minimum requirement of hardware to go from propane to...
  3. bigirishape

    Petition for TTB to revise "Mead" definition, from Ken Schramm

    All: Ken Schramm, author of the Compleat Meadmaker, is petitioning the Tax and Trade Bureau to redefine how they classify "mead". As it stands, the recipe formulation is off and allows for beverages that aren't even made of 50% honey to be called "mead" which favors people who make mead with...
  4. bigirishape

    Review request: 3-tier brew stand

    I couldn't find anything that fit my needs available online, so I did my best with Sketchup and this is what I came out with. The plan is to build this with either Unistrut, or talk to a local homebrewer who was a professional metalworker to see what cost on a welded frame will be. I'm leaning...
  5. bigirishape

    Pliny the Elder Clone kit from Farmhouse Brewing? Recipe?

    I have lost my recipe for PtE from Farmhouse Brewing. I bought the PtE Pack fro them, moved, and now I'm thinking of giving it a shot...but I can't find the dang recipe. I've emailed the contact address on their website to see if they can send me a copy, along with my purchase date and order...
  6. bigirishape

    DIY Stir Plate question/issue

    Need a little help/feedback on this build... I've got an old CPU power supply and fan, old HDD magnets on the fan. 1L flask and 1" stir bar. I lowered the fan about 1/4" below the base of the flask. My stir bar just chatters around the base of the flask, no vortex action, just...
  7. bigirishape

    Brew Stand Schematics?

    Anybody have, or know of a spot to download schematics for a brew stand? Preferably in a common file format openable by Google Sketchup. Looking for either a 3 tier (tree) stand or a 3 tier (step) stand...if you have one for a flat stand, I'm game for that too. I've found someone local who...
  8. bigirishape

    Schematics for Brew Stand?

    Anybody have, or know of a spot to download schematics for a brew stand? Preferably in a common file format openable by Google Sketchup. Looking for either a 3 tier (tree) stand or a 3 tier (step) stand...if you have one for a flat stand, I'm game for that too. I've found someone local who...
  9. bigirishape

    Travelling in Denver, Boulder & Durango Area - Brewery Suggestions?

    Hey all, I'm going to be taking a trip to Colorado in about a month for a wedding, and I've set aside some time for a little beer-tourism. Looking for any suggestions for places that I *need* to visit, whether it be a brewery, a bar, or just an amazing restaurant. Really appreciate any...
  10. bigirishape

    Suggested Reading - Brewery?

    Any advice on suggested reading for anybody interested in what it would take to open a brewery? I thought there used to be a forum on here for interested parties, but I don't see it anymore. I'm not necessarily planning to open one anytime soon, I'm just wanting to educate myself more so I...
  11. bigirishape

    Homebrew Clubs in Louisville?

    Are there any Homebrew clubs in Louisville or close by?
  12. bigirishape

    CPVC Mash Tun Manifold to SS weldless fitting?

    I have a big 70qt Coleman cooler I picked up, along with a weldless cooler fitting set from BargainFittings. I'm also planning to build a 3/4" CPVC Manifold for inside the cooler. Long story short, I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to attach the two, so I'm hoping someone here may...
  13. bigirishape

    Thinking of Pumpkin Cider attempt - need feedback

    So SWMBO suggested a Pumpkin Cider, and I got to thinking how I would go about doing that. The batches of EdWort's Apfelwein I did went over very well, so I was thinking along those lines for this recipe. I know pumpkin doesn't add any real fermentables, so I'm trying to figure out how to get...
  14. bigirishape

    DIY Dip Tube?

    I'm fairly new to any form of metal working, and I just ordered a whole slew of goodies from Brewhardware and Bargainfittings, but I neglected to get a dip/pickup tube. I was thinking of ordering a side pickup tube with the SS 1/2" M NPT adapter for the inside of my weldless fitting, but found...
  15. bigirishape

    Batch Sparge - grain bed depth matter?

    I'm trying to determine my best option for MLT, whether it is a round cooler or a rectangular cooler, and what size is best. I've read the threads and the graphs and tables, but I still have a question about grain bed depth and whether it matters or not when batch sparging. If I read...
  16. bigirishape

    Pumps vs Gravity

    I'm planning to use gravity for my first AG setup, but also curious about the pumps I keep hearing mentioned. Anybody have pump suggestions or horror stories? Any reputable vendors or DIY projects for pumps?
  17. bigirishape

    Mash Tun: keggle vs cooler?

    I know I could heat a keggle to maintain temps, but cost of a false bottom is a bit prohibitive. Any suggestions on how to convert a keggle into a MT w/o a false bottom? Manifold? Braided tube?
  18. bigirishape

    Planned AG Build...

    I'm looking to do my first all-grain batch soon, but first, I wanted to get my estimated build critiqued. I usually tend to overkill things, so if I'm doing so, please call me on it and any advice on how to better do a part of the build, or a location for parts, or a cheaper alternative would...
  19. bigirishape

    Growler purchasing suggestions?

    I was looking to pickup a handful of simple 1/2 gal amber Growlers w/ screw tops so that I could distribute my brews from my new kegging setup the same way I used to distribute 6-packs of bottles. My LBHS doesn't seem to carry the non-ornamental growlers, and while I'm sure they could order...
  20. bigirishape

    How long does LME last?

    If it's in a sealed pouch/container, and is kept at room long can I expect liquid malt extract to last? I know it's not as perishable as, say, cheese...but I figure it's got to have some kind of "Use Before" date. Right?