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  1. cyto

    DuClaw For Pete's Sake clone?

    Anyone have an all grain recipe for this? I found a clone for Sweet Baby Jesus but would rather shoot for the imperial version. The DuClaw website lists the grains as Pale, Cara Munich, Chocolate, Black and flaked oats. Nugget and Glalena hops.
  2. cyto

    Mixing yeast strains

    Getting ready to start my brewing season, I normally start with a pack of dry yeast then harvest it through the brewing season (Oct-March). I have a pack of Fermentis Safale US-05 and pack of Danstar Nottingham. I am thinking of mixing both packs together for the first brew and see how it goes...
  3. cyto

    Want to try a different yeast this fall

    I have been brewing for 25 years, all grain for 15. Been using Fermentis Safeale US-05 for the past 10 or 12 years. Lately I have been using one pack at the beginning of brewing season and harvesting. Been thinking of trying something different, just to do something different. I used Danstar...
  4. cyto

    6 Weeks in the fermenter?

    I have a double IPA that I put in the fermenter (Catalyst) on march 9, so monday the 20th will be 6 weeks. Right now it is VERY slowly fermenting based on the airlock cap being pushed. I have been brewing for 20+ years and have never had a beer sit this long before bottling, I am pretty sure it...
  5. cyto

    My current brew

    Brewing a dark IPA
  6. cyto

    Beer socks

    Anyone else get beer socks for Christmas?
  7. cyto

    When to pull harvested yeast from fridge?

    I am brewing a batch on Monday, today is Saturday. I have been brewing for 25 years but will be using harvested yeast for the first time. I am going to directly pitch the harvested yeast. Question: How far ahead of "pitching time" do you take your harvested yeast out of the fridge? Thanks!
  8. cyto

    55lb grain bag storage

    It has been a long time since I have bought a 55lb bag of grain. Planning on keeping it in my basement until the weather cools a bit in Alabama. Should I put this bag in anything or will it be OK as is?
  9. cyto

    Other hobbies?

    I am sure this has been done before, but what the heck. What are your other hobbies? Mine is modifying and building audio equipment, then listening to music while I drink my home brew. In the glass is an oatmeal stout I bottled in May. Mostly classic rock and jazz.
  10. cyto

    harvesting yeast from a catalyst fermenter

    Hi everyone this is my first technical post here. Been brewing for 22 years and have a degree in cell biology/minor in chemistry. I switched from glass carboys to a catalyst fermenter 8 months ago. I have never harvested yeast ( I use Safale US-05 dry) but want to try it and I understand the...
  11. cyto

    Hi from central Alabama

    I just joined the forum, I found it when doing a search for storing harvested yeast. Been homebrewing for 22 years, all grain for 10 or 12 years. I diy as much equipment as I can, hence my mash tun made from an igloo cooler. I currently have an IPA in my catalyst fermenter. Hello to all from...