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  1. Pelikan

    Hop'speriment 2015

    ^^Centennial 5/21 ^^Northern Brewer 5/21 ^^Glen Coe Purple Raspberry 5/21 ---------- ^^Centennial 5/28 ^^Northern Brewer 5/28 So Centennial already has four bines growing up the ropes plus four more on their way. Pretty lot of greenage...
  2. Setup, Beds

    Setup, Beds

  3. Setup, Wide Shot

    Setup, Wide Shot

  4. 4/30/15 Centennial

    4/30/15 Centennial

  5. 4/30/15 Northern Brewer

    4/30/15 Northern Brewer

  6. 5/21/15 Glen Coe Raspberry

    5/21/15 Glen Coe Raspberry

  7. 2015 Glen Coe Raspberry

    2015 Glen Coe Raspberry

    First year Scottish raspberry plant
  8. 5/21/15 Northern Brewer

    5/21/15 Northern Brewer

  9. 5/28/15 Centennial

    5/28/15 Centennial

  10. 5/28/15 Northern Brewer

    5/28/15 Northern Brewer

  11. 5/14/15 Centennial

    5/14/15 Centennial

  12. 5/14/15 Northern Brewer

    5/14/15 Northern Brewer

  13. 5/21/15 Centennial

    5/21/15 Centennial

  14. 5/7/15 Centennial

    5/7/15 Centennial

  15. 5/7/15 Northern Brewer

    5/7/15 Northern Brewer

  16. 2015 Hops

    2015 Hops

    First year hops in 2015...Centennial and Northern Brewer
  17. Pelikan

    Planting hop rhizome questions.

    Regarding treated vs untreated....very long story short, contemporary treated lumber uses a copper compound that's entirely safe unless you're eating it by the spoonful. Regarding the beds, it's common mantra to separate differing varieties by at least 6, or better, 10 feet. You might not have...
  18. Pelikan

    Hop'speriment 2015

    Update: ^^Centennial 5/7 ^^Northern Brewer 5/7 --------------------- ^^Centennial 5/14 ^^Northern Brewer 5/14 --- Centennial's taking off pretty good. Northern Brewer is still kind of puttering along but seems to be digging in. I think this is due to rhizome size; the centennial...
  19. Pelikan

    Hop'speriment 2015

    Originally I was going to remove the clotheslines and grow diagonally to the poles. Then I thought vertically to the clothesline and then toward the poles. Hadn't even considered diagonal to the poles then horizontal across. Decisions, decisions... The clothesline is actually insulated...
  20. Pelikan

    Moving from East Coast to West, can I take hops (grown in planters) with me?

    I just did the opposite...from Los Angeles to the northeast. I can tell you California takes agricultural imports very seriously. CA produces the majority of the country's [non-meat] food. Washington and especially Oregon will be none too pleased with hops in particular. If you're headed to...