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  1. bmbrewery

    California Barley Crusher Malt Mill with 15# hopper

    Barley Crusher Malt Mill I run this with my cordless drill but it also has the detachable hand-crank (if you're crazy or SHTF). It does a great job and is very easy to use. It sits right on top of a bucket while you run so it's easy to handle and fairly clean. This has the optional 15lb...
  2. bmbrewery

    California Counterpressure Bottle Filler and Q/D tubing

    $50 + buyer pays $10 for shipping
  3. bmbrewery

    California Johnson Controls Bypass Thermostat $25

    Turn your freezer into a kegerator! $25 + shipping
  4. bmbrewery

    California 2 - 10 Gallon SS Ball-lock Kegs and one 10g Ball-lock carbonating tank

    I've got 2 10g ball lock kegs that have had rebuilt o-rings and valves and have been holding beer and gas. I also have a 10g carbonating tank that basically works the same way and has been in use up until a few weeks ago. I have lids for all three and I also have a fermenting lid that will fit...
  5. bmbrewery

    California 3 - Perlick SS faucets

    2 year old Perlick faucets. Perfect condition. These things were one of the best things I bought for my keg setup since my original faucets were always sticking and leaking on me. $80 for all three, or $30 each. Buyer pays shipping. I also have a triple-tap tower that I'm selling on this...
  6. bmbrewery

    What do you think of this as a conical fermenter? $125.99 with the stand. Not bad. Am I missing something?
  7. bmbrewery

    Perfect drunk fun: GOGGLES! Go there first using firefox or chrome, then drag the link on to your toolbar, go to any popular web page, click on the new bookmark and observe the awesomeness. It turns just about any webpage into a version of iSketch.. Click again to deactivate. You may need...
  8. bmbrewery

    How to decide what to drink

    I found this entertaining:
  9. bmbrewery

    Stepping up to 10g batches- recipe conversion?

    I'm planning on brewing a 10g batch of a recipe I last brewed as a 5g batch. Is it safe to just double everything, or is there something I'm missing? Thanks
  10. bmbrewery

    Natural Carbonating a Lager in a Keg?

    I normally force carb but I just brewed a lager and after fermenting for 6 weeks I decided to let it lager and settle out and so I thought it'd be better to naturally carbonate in the keg. I threw in the 4oz. of corn sugar in boiled water and threw it into my keezer. Should I pull it out and let...
  11. bmbrewery

    My labels, taphandles, and 6-pack carrier

    My original label: I made a special 6-pack for my dad's birthday: