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  1. 3rd and Long

    FAQ: Aluminum Pots for Boil Kettles?

    Another consideration people may want to think about is you upgrade your systems you may consider using an Aluminum pot for HLT in a three teir system. I've been doing that for over a year now and it has worked out great. This way I get the advantages of aluminum for heating water for mashing...
  2. 3rd and Long

    Houston, is there a problem?

    When I have done in the past to help combat our "warm" summers is to soak the carboy in a tab of water with an old t-shirt over it that hangs into the water. I then setup a small fan to blow at the carboy and regularly (2-times a day) re-wet the t-shirt. The evaporative cooling will get the...
  3. 3rd and Long

    Oxygenation: Starter v Wort

    I've typically done 5-10 sec or so for starters up to 1 gal.. and 20-30 sec per 5 gal batch. I can't speak to the chemistry side of this, it's the practice I've been following for the past couple years at the reccomendation of some people in the LHBC. I have previously done a couple minutes...
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  6. 3rd and Long

    Oxygenation: Starter v Wort

    In the past I have oxygenated both and had good results. I use pure o2.. The only times I hold off from doing this is when I'm looking for additional yeast character, ie: bannana in a hefe.
  7. 3rd and Long

    Walking the Walk...

    Yes, exactly...
  8. 3rd and Long

    Walking the Walk...

    Like I said, I have some, but not much confidence in my results..I didn't do much math, I figured out the various patterns and how many times each would occur. And yes I was drinking homebrew. Permutation: One possible combination of items out of a larger set of items. For example, with the...
  9. 3rd and Long

    Walking the Walk...

    African or European? But really.. do you mean how many different blends? or how many ales? and are we to assume that there isn't more been in the fridge that you don't have a picnic tap on? Making the assumption that each tap has an ale (no lagers), then 4, one for each tap. Unless you mean...
  10. 3rd and Long

    How long will homebrew stay fresh for?

    <Insert Born-On Date joke here> At least for wine.. cellaring temperatures are typically a very constant 50-55 deg. F and about 60% humidity. Honestly it depends very much on the beer, and your intentions for it as to the ideal way to store it. It you want to try to "Freeze" (or very much...
  11. 3rd and Long

    Water Filtration, good or bad?

    I 've brewed with tap, bottled and filtered water. At the end of the day you need to ask yourself how much you like the taste of your water supply. I find that where I live, the mildly alkaline water and not too much trace chemicals (ie: Cl) results in a very nice brew without filtration, and...
  12. 3rd and Long

    Word is getting out on my spent grains

    Now why would you want to do that to the cute little deer?
  13. 3rd and Long

    Dishwasher with no Soap

    I used the DW for a while but discovered the time savings was near nil..
  14. 3rd and Long

    Copper Manifold - Help

    I used both methods. The rotary tool is definitly easier, but be sure to have ton of extra disks on hand since they tend to break (or atleast mine do).
  15. 3rd and Long

    More Toys

    Awsome find!! I think I paid close to double that when I got one a while back
  16. 3rd and Long

    Would this work well for lagering

    Or the use of Aluminum... :tank:
  17. 3rd and Long

    Quick Brew??

    Many thanks guys!!
  18. 3rd and Long

    Quick Brew??

    I guess it isn't that short of notice, I have always tried to age most of my ales atleast 2 weeks in the keg. Giving them that extra time can turn a good beer into a great beer. I guess I'm looking for something that is just really good without much aging.
  19. 3rd and Long

    Hop utilization - Here comes the science

    Sweet.. My next brew is slated to be a hop o' rama so I'll send this to my brewing helper who's a chemist to figure out!
  20. 3rd and Long

    Quick Brew??

    Any of you guys have recipe that is quick (<4 weeks) from end to end? I have done a couple lagers in about 4 weeks where instead of doing a true lagering period I do a crash cool to 31 deg. F at about 3.5 weeks in. The resulting beer is ok to drink and really pleases the Miller Lite drinkers...