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  1. snowveil

    Pennsylvania Chugger Polysulfone pump with camlock connections

    I used this pump for fewer than 15 batches before I wound up winning a SS head version at Homebrewcon 2016. I kept this pump as a backup and used it here and there for CIP processes but otherwise it's just been sitting in a drawer taking up space. Included is the pump, brass ball valve, and...
  2. snowveil

    Spa Panel GFCI - 3 wire source to 3 wire it doable?

    I apologize that this question has probably been asked a billion times, but any threads I find seem to turn into huge debates and I get lost in the weeds trying to decipher what's relevant to me and what's not. Here's my less-than-ideal situation. I live in a 2nd story apartment in which I do...
  3. snowveil

    Pennsylvania Quick Disconnects - Bargain Fittings style LOT

    !!!SOLD!!! I'm switching my brewery over to an eBIAB system and decided to switch to camlocks in the process so I'm selling off my current QD system. Included are: 8x MALE X 1/2" NPT MALE QDs 4x MALE X 1/2" NPT FEMALE QDs 6x FEMALE X 1/2" HOSE BARB QDs All connections are stainless steel...
  4. snowveil

    Club Project - Wild Culture Capturing

    At our small club's meeting in February I asked for idea suggestions for future projects and someone threw out trying to collect wild yeast. After a little research (and inspiration from John Wilson and Brian Wolfe's Brewing Wild seminar at Homebrewcon '16), we decided to go for it. We...
  5. snowveil

    Hop Dust Recirculation......?

    For those who've caught the recent Eel River Brewing episode of The Session (, ~2:13 in) They mention a dry hopping technique that involves recirculating pulverized hop pellets through a beer to quickly and completely expose it to...
  6. snowveil

    Have I been adjusting pH incorrectly?

    Sorry to throw out yet ANOTHER thread about mash pH...but my head is spinning after reading so much varied information in books, threads, and hearing it in podcasts. I recently got a BrewLab Basic kit (not the plus, since I already have a pH meter) so I can start brewing with tap water more...
  7. snowveil

    Kitchen Faucet thread -> 1/2" MPT adapter?

    I've scoured the web and haven't quite found what I'm looking for. I use quick disconnects in my brewery, and would like to be able to thread a quick disconnect fitting onto my kitchen sink. I've already got a kitchen faucet-> garden hose thread adapter, but has anyone seen one that goes from...
  8. snowveil

    Conical Fermenter Temperature Control

    Conical owners..... What's the most effective way you've found to control fermentation temps? I recently purchased a Stout 14 gallon conical fermenter with a thermowell. I pieced together a cheap "jacket" out of some plastic drain hose, a submersible pump, and a 2 gallon cooler that...
  9. snowveil

    Characterful base malts for SMASH?

    Afternoon, I'm looking to make a SMASH IPA using (most likely) Eureka hops, but I'm undecided on which base malt to go with. I've also got a bunch of Columbus, Apollo, Azacca, Simcoe, and Summit on hand. The options at a few surrounding LHBS' are: TF Golden Promise TF Halcyon TF Pearl...
  10. snowveil

    Gigayeast GY027 - Saison 2

    Does anyone have first hand experience with this strain? I bought a pack in early 2015 and it pretty much got forgotten about in my fridge. I made a step starter and just pitched it into 5 gallons of wort that I plan to sour once the primary is finished. I will say, the 1.054 wort has taken...
  11. snowveil

    Craft beer selections in the Outer Banks?

    I'm visiting the Outer Banks this week and am looking for a decent selection of craft beer...specifically Heretic if you guys can get it in this part of North Carolina. Anyone have some nearby suggestions? Thanks!
  12. snowveil

    Apollo, Summit, Columbus...thoughts & experiences?

    I've recently picked up a 2014 crop pound of each of Apollo, Summit, and Columbus. I've used each hop before, primarily as supporting hops, with great success. I used Apollo in a bud-light dry hop experiment for my local club and was very pleasantly surprised at how well it held up...
  13. snowveil

    What's the Best *and* Worst part of homebrewing?

    I'll start. The last 3 Pints of IPA out of a keg. The pour is muddy, the chunks are floating, but the flavor and aroma is FANTASTIC...but you know you've only got a few beers left. All of those concentrated oils! Anyone else?
  14. snowveil

    Pennsylvania FS: Plate chiller, 230v March Pump, Electric Brewery parts/accessories

    --all items have been sold...thanks!-- I started piecing together an electric brewery build and it just never came to fruition. These components have NEVER been used and have unfortunately just been sitting in my laundry room for the last few years collecting dust. My loss, your gain...
  15. snowveil

    Discrepancy between EZ calculator and actual pH readings?

    Pardon my ignorance....I'm just starting to work through Palmer and Kaminski's Water book. I recently purchased a pH meter (Milwaukee pH56 meter, as shown here) and I've been getting consistently lower pH readings than the EZ water calculator predicts I will get. For example, the last beer...
  16. snowveil

    6 Week Lager?

    So my local club is doing a lawnmower-style beer challenge for Big Brew day, and planning to have the beers ready to serve about 6 weeks later. My plan is to brew a 10 gallon batch, fermenting 5 gallons with belle Saision yeast and the other with (likely) WLP830 and tossing a few chipotle...
  17. snowveil

    Advice using mangoes?

    I've got a simple cider from store-bought apple juice in the carboy now and I plan on adding Mangoes to the secondary. Has anyone used them before? My original plan was cut them traditionally into slices, removing the skin (just as you'd do if eating one, similar to...
  18. snowveil

    Post your pets!

    I've already seen/posted in the dogs thread, but not everyone has a dog! So, I'm wondering...what pets do you have? (apologies if there's another big thread about this, I haven't seen it) I've got a few critters around the house. 1 dog, 2 cats, and as of now, 3 lizards (bearded dragon and...
  19. snowveil

    Red IIPA - suggestions/critiques welcome

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm looking for an "american red ale" recipe...not an american amber...a nice, hoppy IIPA with a solid malt backbone (think troegs nugget nectar, bear republic red rocket, sam adams tasmian red). Troegs Nugget nectar uses 80% vienna so I'm set on using that...
  20. snowveil

    infection under way in keg..what can I do?

    A few months ago I brewed a partigyle English bitter and it developed an infection in the keg that got worse over time...the flavor can only be described as vomit. I have 10 gallons of blonde ale that I fear is beginning to develop this same infection. The flavor is not overbearing but I am...