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  1. abrew2u


    Going to Cleveland the 1st week of July is there's any brewerys that are,a must visit ,looking for a smaller local guy not really interested in great lakes Any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. abrew2u

    Sparge arm

    Had really bad efficiently with my brew today had a lot of channeling I have a rims tube that goes to a keggle the keggle has a 1/2 coupling welded in it Which sparge arm will work best for my set up
  3. abrew2u

    Plastic keg

    I can get my hands on some of these kegs I was thinking of making a few fermenters out of them does anyone have any experience with them
  4. abrew2u

    Love temp controller ts-3

    Love temp controller ts-3 says off Does any one know what that means??? Checked all the wires everything looks good Maybe the controller is shot
  5. abrew2u

    Sponge candy stout

    Does anyone know how much sponge candy you can add yo a stout recipe,just looking for somewhere to start
  6. abrew2u

    Mashing in

    I built a brew stand and I'm about to try it out this weekend for the first time ,my question is if I strike temp is too low what does that do to the mash(less sweetness )or can I bring the temp upto 150 and it doesn't mater till I hit optimum mash temp Thought I'd throw a pic of the brew stand...
  7. abrew2u

    Recipe database

    Does anyone else hate the the newer format for the recipe database. It's not very user friendly,I liked it much better with the sub categories , couldn't even find dfh 120 recipe!!!
  8. abrew2u

    Rims build

    I am building a rims tube I have a 120 volt heating element When I was looking at the screws on the element there was no indication of what each screw was for,I'm guessing one for hot and one for neutral I grounded it tithe box. Is this correct ??does it matter which is hot and which is...
  9. abrew2u

    Brew stand burner

    I'm in process of going natural gas with my brew stand,I have bg12 burners does anyone know what orifice to use with these ?? Thanks
  10. abrew2u

    Bg12 burners

    I currently building my brew stand and I have bg12 burners ,my question is do I need an orfice at each burner and I'm using propane
  11. abrew2u

    Cutting oil in keggle

    I drilled and soldered 1/2 inch couplings in my keggle and there is some cutting oil inside of them what is the best way to clean them out
  12. abrew2u

    Critique my recipe

    What do you think about this recipe 8 lb wheat 8 2 row 1/2 peated 1/2 crystal 60 .5 Columbus @60 1 cascade @ 30 1 cascade @ 15 90 min boil Us-05 for yeast Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  13. abrew2u

    Heady topper

    Going to be traveling to Vermont from buffalo ny next week via a stop to pick the wife up in Albany. Was wondering where the best place to stop and pick up some heady topper. Heard many things about the unicorn of beers but have never seen or tried one if anyone knows where I can pick some up it...
  14. abrew2u


    How much grain have you put in a keggle ???? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  15. abrew2u

    Yeast starter

    If I start with 1 billion cells how many times do I have to step it up to get to 5 billion cells Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  16. abrew2u

    10 gallon brew

    Can I make a starter with one smack pack of yeast and pitch that into 12 gallons of wort Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  17. abrew2u

    Fermentation tank build

    Building a conical fermenter from a induction tank, my question is can I use brass fittings on the inside of the fermenter or do I have yo use ss or plastic Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  18. abrew2u

    Co2 settings

    Do I set my co2 to 12 psi when the bottle is room temp or 12 psi when it's chilled in my keezer
  19. abrew2u

    Low carb beer

    My friend is looking for a low carb beer recipe
  20. abrew2u

    Pilsen malt

    Is Pilsen malt the same as pilsner