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  1. Poindexter

    Bourbon Barrel decision

    I would kill or die to have a five gallon bourbon barrel. Once it started leaking I would take it apart and use pieces of it jusy like oak chips we can both buy in the store.
  2. Poindexter

    Closed-system pressurized fermentation technique!

    I have only made a few batches this way, but if I spring for another spunding valve I'll go with a fixed relief valve around 7-8psi. I am still working in Corny's only, I don't own any Sanke kegs. But, I have pressure tested my cornies to 80psi. The adjustable spunding valve I built when...
  3. Poindexter

    Poindexters Graff #4

    This one is 14 months old and the recipe is a keeper. My first two Graffs were just not ready for prime time. My third one a good friend dearly loves, to me it is thin and one dimensional; I switched to Saaz hops for that one, with pilsner malt. Four number four I stuck with Saaz but...
  4. Poindexter

    A sad day for the WortMonger

    RIP James. SN Stout coming right up. God bless.
  5. Poindexter

    My Fruit-Beer Pairing Dinner (in planning phase)

    Why not a fruit plate for desert? Oooh. Check for ginger flavored ice cream, I found it at freakign Krogers once, I think it was Haagen Daze.
  6. Poindexter

    Should you condition darker ales?

    In general the darker or heavier a beer is the warmer I like it. I kinda keep an eye on recomended serving temperatures, about 55°F is the highest I have seen. I am personally better able to appreciate complex malt bills at warmer serving temps. For a refreshing cooler after mowing the...
  7. Poindexter

    First cider recipe...any tips?

    If you go with pastuerized (heat sterilized) but preservative free apple cider you won't have to boil it. All the bugs in it are dead. Also, you can dissolve the brown sugar in a 2-3 qaurts of you apple juice over heat, and leave out the 1/2gal of water. I don't have a mental picture of...
  8. Poindexter

    Can I disable the pressure relief valve in my pinlock keg lids?

    I don't have any coke kegs. If it was pepsi kegs (gotta be pretty similar) I would say new springy things at $12 each. Pepsi pressure reliefs work fine while wet. In the mean time you have some really sharp five gallon SS fermenters you can put to work, just transferrign with CO2 is going...
  9. Poindexter

    It's whiskey not beer

    Agree with above, if it is really strong you are going to need more than one five gallon batch to cut the "whiskey" you have back down to size. One thing you might could do is go ahead and bottle it flat so you can have your brewhouse equipment back. I bet you could dump one gallon of it...
  10. Poindexter

    From secondary to keg

    You might zip tie a copper scrubber like the Chore Boy brand onto the pickup end of your siphon? Like a SOS or Brillo pad, but without the soap in it, just the metal wool part. Also, you can shoot a little CO2 into your empty keg so the exposed top surface of the beer coming out of the...
  11. Poindexter

    Proper post fermentation sugar additions?

    I think you are going to be OK though you may need to rouse the yeast, give it a while and see where the gravity stabilizes after the krausen drops. Having been there done that I pull a hydrosample as soon as I have "everything" in the kettle at the beginning of the boil and measure a volume...
  12. Poindexter

    Opinions - Oxygenation when using soda/corney kegs for fermentation.

    With some of the Cornies in my herd I can click the vent valve to open position, so I _could_, with some connectors, bubble oxygen in the black post/ dip tube - slowly- and let it vent out the overpressure. For an airlock I just put a piece of tube on a grey post and submerge the other end in...
  13. Poindexter

    where to get blackstrap molasses?

    I have used molasses in a few brews now. If you are using just a couple ounces in secondary for flavor rounding, like in a Kotbusser, the grocery store stuff is fine, just pasteurize like you are making a mead with honey, 40 minutes at 140°F is great. If you are using it as a chunk of your...
  14. Poindexter

    Winter Ale Recipe

    Have you tried the Baltic Porter by the Alaskan Brewery in Juneau? I have not tried the Granville Island Winter, but the ABBP has lots if vanilla and goes down nice. The Baltic Porter uses a lager technique and a lager yeast, grain bill like a porter or an export stout. You can get...
  15. Poindexter

    Help with yeast selection alternative

    I ranch 1056 (Chico) 1098 (London Ale) and Notti Yellow. I tend to run the 1098 if I am doing anything fancy with the grain bill - sounds like you are, and I stick with the 1056 if I want the hops to stand out or if I am brewing a simple session beer. I ranch the NY because I ran out once...
  16. Poindexter

    Saucepan for grain steeping?

    Yes and no. If you "need" another saucepan to make beer with steeping grains, then yes get one. If you can make beer with steeping grains using what you already own, spend the dough on something else- maybe a case of beer to expand your bottle collection? If you do buy a sauce pan, it...
  17. Poindexter

    Will malted barley sprout?

    Malted barley should not sprout. The enzymes are still in there to convert the starches, and I guess a few of the individual grains -might- but in general, no, the barley was sprouted and then baked to death in the malting process.
  18. Poindexter

    sub for cascade hops

    I agree with david 42. Totally.
  19. Poindexter

    Firestone Walker Pale 31

    Why not bitter with Fuggle like the real thing? Your grain reads/ sounds pretty close, I had a sixer of this in San Francisco last weekend, good beer.
  20. Poindexter

    Spruce Suggestions Please

    The one from the Alskan brewery in Juneau is the only spruce beer I can stomach. It starts like a very basic pale ale, good balance through the middle, and then some Christmas tree in the finish. Definitely an aquired taste, I have had a couple that were like drinking turpentine. If someone...