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  1. J

    kegerator is a pain in the ass - a rant

    this is more of a i need to vent to people who do this type of stuff than me looking for solutions. i wish a pox upon the house of the man who decided that a kegerator tower had to be so damned narrow that you can barely get your fingers in there to work on hose fittings. i may not be an old...
  2. J

    Horizontal tap handles vs tap tower?

    So I have a Whirlpool mini fridge that i'm going to convert into a single keg kegerator. The obstacle i have to get around now is figuring out where the cooling lines run if i want to drill a hole in the roof and mount a single tap tower to the top of the fridge. That is looking like it's...
  3. J

    Fermentation after 3 days, looking for a second opinion

    So i just asked a question on FB for my local HB group and during the conversation a couple of members mentioned something that was completely new to me and threw me for a bit of a loop. They suggested that after 3 days of primary fermentation, one could remove the batch from whatever...
  4. J

    How cold can a mini-fridge ferm chamber get?

    So I'm planning on building a frementation chamber using a mini-fridge. What I want to do is take the door off and then build an extended box off of the fridge so that i can fit about 3 carboys/buckets in it. I'll hook the fridge up to a temp controller, insulate the box and blamo! I've seen a...
  5. J

    Efficiency explained...?

    So I've brewed several batches, all extract and all from kits from my local HB store. They all turned out wonderful. I'm planning now on taking the next step and am going to start all grain by doing BIAB brewing for several batches (until I get comfortable with it and until I can afford a...