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  1. Coffee_Creek

    Need help with HERMS mash please

    I started all-grain brewing 6 years ago in Washington state using a gravity system with a 10 gallon cooler mash tun. I was making a very good Bavarian Hefeweizen full a lot of body. Everyone who tried it loved it. Every little change I made with with each batch I could tell the difference, such...
  2. Coffee_Creek

    Kentucky Like new 10 gallon Mash Tun

    I bought a 10 Gallon cooler Mash Tun from AIH to use until I built one from a 15.5 gallon Sanke keg. I have it built and no longer need it. It's like new, only used twice to brew two 10 gallon wheat beers. It worked great just don't need it now. Has false bottom and ball valve. Asking $120.00...
  3. Coffee_Creek

    HERMS question

    When you mash out using a HERMS do you bring your mash up to 170 degrees by heating your HLT water and running it through the coil or just mash out by sparging with 170 degree water from your HLT?
  4. Coffee_Creek

    Need help with Vienna Larger recipe

    I'd like to brew a Vienna Larger type of beer, maybe something like a Dos Equis Amber or Negro Modelo. I like both of these but think that a homebrewed version would be much better. Does anyone have a recipe they could share? Thanks,
  5. Coffee_Creek

    Way to go Alabama!!

    You was the last state but you make it!!! Last state to make wine and brew beer legal!! Makes me proud to be from there.
  6. Coffee_Creek

    brewing with smoked water

    Has anyone ever tried adding a little bit of water that has been smoked to their wort? I melt ice on my wood fired smoker and let it melt then pour the melted smoked water back into ice trays and refreez. I use these to make smoked bloody mary's and they turn out with a great smoky flavor. Just...
  7. Coffee_Creek

    Need help with "Sanke Keg Washer"

    I've seen several really nice keg washers on here but now that I'm ready to build one I can't find the posts. Can you please post your idea's? Thanks,
  8. Coffee_Creek

    Boil Kettle Ideas needed

    I'm about to start welding out my keg's for the eherms system that I'm building and not sure of the best way to build the BK to keep trub out and have good flow. Any suggestions?
  9. Coffee_Creek

    Coffee_Creek E-HERMS Build

    Just starting my E-HERMS build this weekend. I plan to have three Keggles, HLT, MLT, BK and three pumps. I want to run two 5500 watt elements at the same time along with two pumps. For now I'm looking at buying a chiller from Sabco, it's very pricey but it does what I want to do. We'll see...
  10. Coffee_Creek

    Capture yeast from blow off?

    I just started brewing two months ago and have a lot to learn. After trying my hand at washing yeast from primary, I noticed that when I use a yeast starter and blow off tube( half gal mason jar) I end up with lots of "stuff" in the jar that looks like yeast. If I used sanitized water, jar and...