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  1. Ego Archive

    Pivoting Tower?

    So I'm finally figuring out what I need to put my Keezer together, and I've hit upon an idea that *may* work, but I wanted other peoples thoughts. I have a 4 tap tower, that I would like to use; but haven't found a short refrigerator that I could mount it on, that would house 4 kegs, so it...
  2. Ego Archive

    CO2 and the lesson learned with trade in.

    I learned something new a week ago, and it just occurred to me to come here and mention it. This may not apply to your circumstances, or this may be old news to you, but I thought I would mention it anyhow. I picked up a 5 lbs. CO2 tank off of Craigslist (very cheaply) awhile back, and have...
  3. Ego Archive

    ABV quickchart

    I figured since I created it for my brew log, I would post it up here in case others could use it. I don't know if anyone needs something like this, and maybe it's already available (I couldn't find one, but that doesn't mean much)someplace else. Of course if you have suggestions, let me know...
  4. Ego Archive

    Dogfish Head 120 Clone Trickery?

    So I am thinking I'd like to clone the *Flavor* profile of Dogfish Head 120 IPA, but I'm really not concerned with pulling the ABV up into the barley wine realm unless it's required. Is it possible to get that flavor profile with a "smaller" beer? or do I have to go big or go home? So how...
  5. Ego Archive

    Iron Dragon Labels

    So I went back and forth for a bit on the name, and styles, for the label(s) that I'm looking to adorn my brews with. At this point I think I will go with something that is pretty simple to replicate out, B/W, with a template structure. So I've mocked up a few different things, and I wanted to...
  6. Ego Archive

    First two labels

    Well I decided to go a different direction then I had originally planned. As my wife and son both help with the brewing I decided to go with a theme that all of us enjoy. All of the brews will be Discworld themed, and products of a well known (the Mended Drum), bar from the series. The...
  7. Ego Archive

    Busy "brew" day

    So I figured that since I had to bottle up a batch of hefeweizen today, I might as well put the carboy right back to work. With Thanksgiving coming up, I figured I would take a stab at something that I have been wanting to try for awhile. Thanksgiving Amber Gruit Extract/steeped grains...
  8. Ego Archive

    Today's super score!

    So I was able to snag one of these used from a local guy off of Craigslist. It's a little bent, and has a small crack on the base, but otherwise in good shape. For... $60! He sold me a party pig with the pump, for $10 too. How cool is that? Now I have to figure out how I'm going to...
  9. Ego Archive

    Fermenting in a Corny?

    (Quoted from another thread) I've seen pictures of Cornies with a hole and lock in a modified cap, but wouldn't it just work to pop a liquid line on the "out" post (sans the tapper) and run that into a filled bucket, as a blow off tube? Obviously you would have to store it upside down...
  10. Ego Archive

    Brewery name help

    Alright, after some thought, then some flip-flopping, and a change to another idea, my wife made a suggestion (based on an old CB handle then Internet handle), that has stuck for a couple weeks. :D Iron Dragon Brewery, no wait... Iron Dragon Brewhouse....oh, how about Iron Dragon...
  11. Ego Archive

    Anyone else Geeky enough to watch LHC First Beam?

    CERN 9-10-2008, I'm considering being up at 1am local time to watch the webcast. Anyone else?
  12. Ego Archive

    Concentrate instead of sugar?

    I have been looking through a variety of recipes for cider, in preparation for starting my batch up this weekend. One thing I have been noticing is that all of the recipes seem to have apple juice, and cane sugar; is there a reason cane sugar is preferable to fructose? I was thinking that...
  13. Ego Archive

    Pitching onto cake?

    I wasn't sure of which forum to post this too, so hopefully I picked right. So, I have a batch of Mead that will be going to it's secondary in the next week or so, and I thought that I might as well pitch a batch of cider right onto the cake while I'm at it. Any thoughts of issues that I might...
  14. Ego Archive

    Newbie from MN

    Well after a few days of lurking, I figured I had better introduce myself. I live in Minneapolis with my wife and son. I just started brewing again, after a few years hiatus. In the past my main brewing endeavors have been mead, and extract beers; I'm hoping to start using grains this time...