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  1. snowveil

    Yeast harvest from a commercial beer

    Looking at pictures on Untappd, they look like yeast starters already so you can just go head and pitch them into 5 gallons :eek: Kidding! When I culture from bottles I keep it as simple as possible. I heavily clean a pint size mason jar, then mix up some DME and water in it to ~1.030 (10...
  2. snowveil

    Milk Stout Recipe Critique Please - any/all comments welcome

    IMO yeast selection is critical in a good stout. I've done split batches with Cal Ale (wlp001/wy1056/s05) and other yeasts and have always preferred the more characterful yeasts. I'm personally a fan of Wyeast 1272 to keep a malt-forward beer relatively clean but still add some character...
  3. snowveil

    Spa Panel GFCI - 3 wire source to 3 wire it doable?

    Simply for archival purposes... I wired the Spa panel up as described in this thread and went through a brew day with zero issues. The test button on the spa panel GFCI functions as it should, as well. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  4. snowveil

    Pennsylvania Chugger Polysulfone pump with camlock connections

    I used this pump for fewer than 15 batches before I wound up winning a SS head version at Homebrewcon 2016. I kept this pump as a backup and used it here and there for CIP processes but otherwise it's just been sitting in a drawer taking up space. Included is the pump, brass ball valve, and...
  5. snowveil

    Please check my kegging grocery list, first time kegger

    You'll also need a temperature controller to keep the chest freezer at a desirable temperature. Something like this should work: You'll have a few overlap items (extra beverage line and keg disconnects) by buying the...
  6. snowveil

    How to keep debris from clogging keg

    How are you getting that much hop debris in your keg from brewing Hefeweizen? My suggestion would be to bag your hops in the boil and be more careful not to transfer sediment into the fermenter and into the keg.
  7. snowveil

    Spa Panel GFCI - 3 wire source to 3 wire it doable?

    So just for clarification, does this look good? Thanks so much!
  8. snowveil

    Spa Panel GFCI - 3 wire source to 3 wire it doable?

    I apologize that this question has probably been asked a billion times, but any threads I find seem to turn into huge debates and I get lost in the weeds trying to decipher what's relevant to me and what's not. Here's my less-than-ideal situation. I live in a 2nd story apartment in which I do...
  9. snowveil

    Odd town/street name

    Amish country out here in Pennsylvania, we've got a town called "Intercourse, PA". We also used to get corrugated cardboard products delivered at work that were from "Monkey Island, OK"
  10. snowveil

    Need help with an Iron Brew recipe using cacao nibs, midnight wheat, and American hops!!!

    Looks like the basis for a killer American Stout. Ditch the saison yeast. I love saisons, but imagine putting black pepper and lemon in your coffee. Yeauchhh. I'd ferment with a characterful american yeast like American Ale II from Wyeast (1272...I think?) or Cal Ale V from White Labs. I...
  11. snowveil

    Simple 240v solution Pretty straight foward. You'll need an element and housing....I got mine from Bobby at and I've been really pleased with it. I'm using the silver-soldered Triclover Flange setup but he has weldless designs as well...
  12. snowveil

    Leftover Ingedients Brew?

    10lb 2 row 3lb Maris Otter 1lb c60 1lb English Chocolate Northern Brewer bittering Cascade/Fuggle flavor/aroma Ferment with S-04 Should get you in the ballpark of a decent, if not slightly high gravity Robust Porter
  13. snowveil

    Pennsylvania Quick Disconnects - Bargain Fittings style LOT

    @jptouchton sorry dude you said you'd check yesterday, I didn't hear anything from you so I opened it up to someone else. Just refunded your paypal
  14. snowveil

    I'm all about that Dank!

    Apollo, Columbus, Comet. I got a whiff of some Medusa at NHC and it was insanely dank, as well.
  15. snowveil

    Pennsylvania Quick Disconnects - Bargain Fittings style LOT

    Sheesh...k let's try this again. @jptouchton , check your pm
  16. snowveil

    Pennsylvania Quick Disconnects - Bargain Fittings style LOT

    still waiting to hear from you @mgerton13 ...if I don't hear from you later today I'm opening it up again. Please keep in mind, these fittings are only compatible with other Bargainfittings Quick Disconnects. They're beefier in build and have a shorter tip to them than other ball-lock style...