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  1. Nightbiker

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Irish Red, please!
  2. Nightbiker

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Coconut Porter

    Only a few reasons it would have done that (that I can think of off the top of my head) - one, you didn't let it finish fermenting before bottling (most likely, since you said it was great after two weeks in the bottle) -two, you messed up in the sanitation department and a bug got in and went...
  3. Nightbiker

    My brew kettle spang a leak!

    I dunno, Max, thats a very very fine crack -I'd be concerned the flux didn't penetrate the ends very well -and if it doesn't, the solder will never seal. If the poster has access to someone with a tig (or a local shop -or depending on the cost of sending it to the last posters' shop) I'd...
  4. Nightbiker

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well. I give thanks to all the farmers and purveyors of Hops Malt and Yeast (as God makes the water and I pump it out of the ground, I'm glad of that as well) -not to mention the sharing of some great recipes. Going to spend the day with the wife and family...
  5. Nightbiker

    Anyone Dump on yeast in the secondary?

    After racking from the primary (even if I don't opt for a secondary) I take a healthy measure of the primary yeast, wash it, take the cleaned yeast and will pitch THAT into the next batch if I'm doing multiple with the same yeast -though in truth if I was doing multiples I've dumped right onto...
  6. Nightbiker

    Is beer a common drink or a special drink for you?

    No, I really don't drink a lot. I'd have to say I give away most of my brew. I rather enjoy watching others enjoy it even more than I enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE beer, I just don't drink a lot. I do use it when I cook -and when I'm smoking meats (like pulled pork or ribs...
  7. Nightbiker

    Being a patient sucks big time!

    Is it any wonder the wife thinks I'm a bit tweaked in the head? :D Besides, its no more than anyone else on here would do (its a great crowd!). I think you would like this: AFTER they extubate (take the breathing tube out) you -at least when you've been on the vent- they give you a "swallow...
  8. Nightbiker

    Being a patient sucks big time!

    THAT is not a bad thought! Been a while since I did an extract -and it sure would make for a shorter day (and easier cleanup.) -Glad you mentioned it!
  9. Nightbiker

    Being a patient sucks big time!

    My birthday is December the 18th. I am an RN at a local level-1 trauma center and teaching hospital -I work in the ER as a care coordinator (first level of case management at our facility). 1/2 hour into my shift on Dec. 17, I was walking to my first post of the night to begin my shift duties...
  10. Nightbiker

    GE 7cf Chest Freezer/keezer

    Mine was a bit more expensive, but yes I have converted it with a controller from my LHBS. I fit 4 kegs (Pepsi kegs) but CAN fit 2pepsi and 2coke kegs but its tight. I carbonate with a large co2 bottle and maintain pressure with a small one that fits inside the keezer.
  11. Nightbiker

    Manual controlled direct fired RIMS?

    I recirculate my mash water through a coil in my HLT, I also have a 'bypass' ball-valve that allows me to bypass my coil. I find maintaining my mash temps quite simple -the HLT is kept at about 160, and I crack open the bypass AND coil-flow valves so that some of the flow goes through the coil...
  12. Nightbiker

    Aluminum Mash Tun?

    Thanks for the input! If anyone does have experience using aluminum for a mash tun, please speak up! If I (finally) break down and just do it, I'll post results (and pray to the Beer Gods that I don't regret the conversion) -I did get (the other day) a donor half-keg from a friend who found it...
  13. Nightbiker

    Aluminum Mash Tun?

    I need a bigger MLT (mine is only a 9gallon stainless) and after getting over the shock from the cost of stainless 'tuns (not to mention those big round coolers -boy are they PROUD of their product!) I ran across some (very) large aluminum cooking pots that my local 'mostly mexican' grocery...
  14. Nightbiker

    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    I'm on board!
  15. Nightbiker

    McMaster Keg O-Ring List

    Dead-on! But if you still have a little trouble sealing, use a little extra keg lube on the large lid O-ring (and use the silicone one. It is a bit more pliable than the neoprene ring -I keep both in stock, personally) -but as fifelee wrote, the most important thing you could do would be to...
  16. Nightbiker

    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    Count me in!
  17. Nightbiker

    Belgian Leffe Brune Recipe

    I see the candi sugar in the recipe -I've never tried brewing with that before. When does it get added? As for the one with the honey, when would THAT get added? Only time I've messed around with honey, was when I've added it within the last five minutes (or even at flameout) as I was trying...
  18. Nightbiker

    Belgian Leffe Brune Recipe

    I get the brune in the states (here in west-central Florida, I've found it at my local Publix grocery store) -excellent beer, hoping to find a good clone of it -be nice to have it available on tap. Have not yet seen the blonde available (though I haven't tried too hard, either).
  19. Nightbiker

    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    COUNT ME IN!! I LOVE 'free goodies'. :ban: