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  1. shtank

    Fermentation chamber build question

    I'm planning to hack a mini fridge to make my ferm chamber. Im following Elco's guide My question is do you see anything wrong with installing two outlets for a heater and a circulation fan inside of the fridge? The only thing I can think of will be...
  2. shtank

    First batch questions

    I've been brewing beer for about a decade but I have never tried my hand at wine until now. I made my first batch after finding Yooper's recipe and I just wanted to ask the more experienced folks just to make sure I have it all the steps ahead right. My recipe: 3 gallons of Great Value white...
  3. shtank

    Glycol chiller parts?

    I'm getting ready to start building a glycol chiller for my half barrel chronical and just have a few questions. Does the size of the reservoir/cooler matter besides fitting the coil? Is pex pipe and fittings suitable for this cold temperature? Does anyone regret making one?
  4. shtank

    Sparge acidification?

    I'm just figuring out bru'n water, and i don't understand the sparge acidification page. For example where do you imput how much (lets say)phosphoric acid you want to add to the mash ph?
  5. shtank

    Pale Ale water?

    I'm using 100% distilled water and here is what I have so far. I just wanted to get a second opinion. Thanks
  6. shtank

    Hop spacing? and Layout?

    This is my first time so be gentle with me.:p I have four different varieties of hops 1 Galena, 2 Columbus, 2 Chinook, 4 Cascade. I plan on making a nice pole and cable trellis for the Cascade since there are four of them. And just use the single pole Tee Pee method for the others. Question is...
  7. shtank

    Rolling conical into a chamber

    After searching for an hour I can only find one build that matches this, and he stopped updating so I don't know how well this actually work. Anyone have good luck rolling their conical a fermentation chamber? If so what size is your setup? Is there any downsides? Pictures please...
  8. shtank

    Dual stage walk-in

    Hey folks, I want to build a walk in about 6' tall 3' wide and 6' deep with a door on the inside separating the two sides. One side will be for serving and will have taps out the wall the other for my half barrel chronical that I will just roll inside. The question is do you think I can...
  9. shtank

    North Carolina 25 gallon electric 3 vessel rig
  10. shtank

    Contactor rumbling noise!

    First off does this contactor need 220v or 120v at the coil to switch. I have it wired up to receive 120v but its not switching on the 220 to fire my element. It just make a terrible rumbling noise. I checked it with a meter and its getting 120 at the coil...
  11. shtank

    Has anyone elevated their HLT/HERMS

    I'm wanting to build a two tier all electric setup. With the hlt being elevated. My concern is recirculating through the Herms coil going to be a problem?
  12. shtank

    1amp Fast fuse. Where to buy?

    I'm looking for one of those in line fast fuse holders that I have seen in P-J's diagrams. For some reason this is the only part I am having trouble finding. I went to Radio Shack but they didn't have an in line fuse holder for 10gauge wire. If someone knows of a part# or a link it would be...
  13. shtank

    Parts needed?

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a E-HLT and I need help choosing the right size (water heater) element and SSR. I have a 20A 250v outlet on a 20A breaker and nothing else is on the line. I have allready purchased a mypid ta4 controler. Here is a pic of the setup I will be using. Any input is...
  14. shtank

    Sudden yeast taste

    This is the second batch that this has happened with. After about two weeks in the kegerator the beer takes on a yeast flavor and progressively gets worse. I'm thinking it has to be an infection of some sort. I made a batch in between these that was perfect so Im confused what could be the...
  15. shtank

    Co2 filling question

    I have a full 5lb tank that my LHBS loaned me for the weekend. I was wondering if I could hook the 5lb tank to my 20lb tank would gas from the smaller tank go into the bigger one. And should I turn the small tank upside down.
  16. shtank

    Oatmeal porter needs help!

    Ok so brewed a partial mash oatmeal porter kit I got for the LHBS. I had a boil over right after I put the 60 minute hops in. It then bubbled over during primary fermentation ( I know just a mess of a brew day ). After 10 days I moved it to secondary for 20 days then I hooked it up to co2 and...
  17. shtank

    Cold conditioning?

    Does beer condition the same in a kegerator hooked up to co2 as it does at room temp?
  18. shtank

    all grain Question?

    I'm trying to make the move to all grain but there are a few things I dont understand. Does it matter how much grain you use to make a 5gal batch or do you just need a specific gravity. I see most grain bills are about 10# What would happen if I used 15 or 20#. If my mash tun isn't efficient but...
  19. shtank

    Sparge questions

    Ok be patient with me I think I've got all the terminology down. But one thing I don't understand is why the sparge water is hotter than first mash. I thought that anything over 155 degrees was bad and release tannins and stuff.
  20. shtank

    Just a few questions

    I hear a lot of people talk about staining there wort before it goes in the fermenter Is best if what you put in the fermenter is as clear or clean as possible or does some of that debris help with flavor? Also I've just recently learned about proper aeration which I haven't been doing Does...