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  1. Blauvelt

    Moldy Strawberry Beer!

    I made BM's Cream of Three Crops a few weeks ago. I got terrible efficiency, and on top of that; I didn't cook the corn before adding it to the mash. the result was a strangely rice-starchy beer with an OG of 1.022 and an FG of 1.014. I used WYeast European Ale 1338, and that is supposed to...
  2. Blauvelt

    Dandelion Unhopped Ale

    has anyone brewed a beer with just dandelions for preservative/ bittering herb? I was looking at making a nice light beer from the last running's of an all Maris Otter malt barley wine. I also wanted to only use dandelions as the only herb but I have no idea if they will give a tasty bitter...
  3. Blauvelt

    Red Rice Berliner Weiss?

    I was thinking of making another Berliner Weiss. I love the Spurhund Zunge recipe on here but I wanted to change it up a bit. I should say I love it already.. it is still in the primary! :) I have read that Berliner Weissbier was traditionally made with 65% or more malted wheat and the...
  4. Blauvelt

    Hi fellow brewers

    Hi I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. I am just getting comfortable with my all-grain brewing abilities. I have spent the last year just learning the techniques of the all grain brewing process. I have found Radical Brewing by the revered Randy Mosher to be the most helpful and inspiring brew book...