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  1. Brewsmith

    Back After A While

    It’s been several years since I was a regular on the board. I’m a high school band director and when I started my most recent job, my life got really busy and had less time to brew. I never stopped, but it only happened a few times a year. My work hasn’t really changed but I’ve got better at...
  2. Brewsmith

    Ok, Admit You Do It

    So I'm brewing right now, I'm currently drinking a Stone Sublimely Self-righteous Ale from a growler fill and I'm a couple beers in on a New Year's Day. I just had the urge to go and instead of walking through the house in my new rubber boots, is just went behind the garage and drained the...
  3. Brewsmith

    Vacation In A Few Weeks - Nevada, Utah & Colorado

    It's my 10th anniversary in a couple weeks and my wife and I are driving to Colorado via Las Vegas and Utah. We have some stops planned, but I want to get some local opinions on where to go. We will be in Vegas for two days so I have a little bit of time there, and Utah will be mostly the...
  4. Brewsmith

    Commercial Vertical Tastings

    I've been going through my cellar (my spare fridge in the garage) and it's getting to be pretty full. I basically have a fridge full of bombers. It's time to start going through some of these beers, some of which are many years old now. I'm considering doing some vertical tastings, but have a...
  5. Brewsmith

    Monkish Brewing, Torrance, CA

    Has anyone else been to Monkish? It has been open a few months and their beer is fantastic. They do Belgian inspired beers with their own twist to them. Henry, the owner/brewer is a great guy and I've been able to bring in some homebrew samples for tasting. Stop by the tasting room if you can...
  6. Brewsmith

    I've Been A Bit Of A Stranger Lately

    It's been about a year since I've posted regularly to the board, and with some good reason. Some of the old timers around here may remember that about a year and a half ago I quit my full-time job so that I could do my student teaching to pursue a career teaching music. Over that time money has...
  7. Brewsmith

    Christmastime In L.A.

    As much as I eventually want to get out of LA, I love this time of year. It's 75º outside right now, clear sky, with only a slight breeze, and I just finished putting up the Christmas lights wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. For those of you up to your eyeballs in snow, I just thought...
  8. Brewsmith

    NHC 2011 San Diego - I'm Going For It

    I've made it a goal to seriously brew and try to get a beer into the second round of the nationals this next year. Since the NHC is in San Diego this next year and is fairly local for me I am planning to go to the whole thing and want to at least be in the running for a medal. So, since last...
  9. Brewsmith

    2010 Los Angeles County Fair Results

    The results from the 2010 LA County Fair are in and I picked up a few more awards: 1st Place - Class 3 American Wheat Ale and American Cream Ale - American Blonde Ale 1st Place - Class 11 Brown Ale - American Brown Ale 2nd Place - Class 7 India Pale Ale - American IPA 3rd Place - Class 13...
  10. Brewsmith

    Kiln Coffee Malt - Any Good Recipes?

    My LHBS started carrying Kiln Coffee Malt so I picked up a couple pounds. I have seen it before but never tried it. Anyone have any good recipes using it? I am going to be making a series of dark English beers, so I figure I can do something along the lines of an English Bitter/Mild/Brown and...
  11. Brewsmith

    Vendor Ads Enlarging the Window

    Is this happening to anyone else right now? The vendor promotions near the top of the screen, between the top banner and the forum section, is extra long making me have to scroll to the right. There are three ads, one for the AHS Tuesday Special, the NB Wyeast 1945, and the $19 Bazooka Screen...
  12. Brewsmith

    Pale Chocolate Malt in LA/OC

    Anyone in the Southern Los Angeles county / Orange County area have any pale chocolate malt? The kind in the 200-225ºL range. I need 0.25 lb (4oz) and would like to find some to brew tomorrow. I can easily pay or trade for it, beer or other ingredients...
  13. Brewsmith

    2010 Southern California Championship Results

    I just found the results for the 23rd Annual Southern California Championship. I entered 7 beers. It looks like I got 2 awards and an honorable mention. :ban: Category 10 American Ale 3rd place - Brown Ale - Brown Sabbath Category 19 Strong Ale 3rd Place - American Barleywine - 2009 Old...
  14. Brewsmith

    Eagle Rock Brewing, Now April 24th

    I'm heading over to Eagle Rock Brewery because it's my birthday, and I want to go! :D If anyone in the LA area want's to meet up, I'll be there hopefully between 4 and 5.
  15. Brewsmith

    Old Stone Bottles At Bevmo

    I stopped by Bevmo this evening to see if they had the 2010 Old Guardian in. They did, as well as a bunch of stuff I wasn't expecting. Apparently Stone cleared out their warehouse of cases of old bottles. They had Old Guardian from 06 on through this year, Vertical Epic from 07 on and Double...
  16. Brewsmith

    3 Beers For Tonight

    Tonight is a night for three beers. Today was my last day at my job. Not because I was let go, but because I have finally hit the turning part in my career. I begin student teaching on Monday so that I'll be done with my teaching credential when school gets out in June, and so I can apply for a...
  17. Brewsmith

    I Survived Student Teaching Chocolate Stout

    I'm starting student teahing this next week and I'm planning a celebratory beer for the end of the semester. I want to possibly share this beer with my student teaching classmates, so I want to keep it on the less bitter, slightly sweet side. I'm thinking more like liquid chocolate cake. The...
  18. Brewsmith

    AHA Rally March 13, 2009 Stone Brewing Co.

    March 13, 2010 Stone Brewing Co. 1999 Citricado Pkwy Escondido, CA 92029 Who's going to be there? I've already RSVP'd on the AHA site. Hope to see you guys and gals there.
  19. Brewsmith

    Tornado Warning... In Los Angeles It happens every once in a while here. Nothing major, but real. Here's the link to the weather map:
  20. Brewsmith

    Dad's Amber Ale

    A straight forward amber ale. Not over the top like an American Red or Imperial Red. Balanced, drinkable with a little more malt, caramel and toast than a standard pale ale. This recipe won a Silver medal at the 2009 Southern California Regional Champoinship. Dad's Amber Ale A ProMash Recipe...